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3 Resources to Help You Get Smart about Your Social Media Content Strategy

The other night, when I was standing in line for a comedy show, the guy behind me glanced up from staring at his phone and said, “So many people these days are making a living off of social media.” “Oh? Is that right?” I played dumb, hoping he would elaborate. Social Media Guy continued to


Brian Clark on Why Not Being a Techie May Be a Benefit to Starting a Technology Company

It’s hard to be a non-techie in this tech-driven world. So it may seem almost impossible to start or run a tech company when you’re not one. But as the founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital (Brian Clark) is going explain, that lack of technical expertise may be your greatest asset. While Brian understands technology


Good, Good, Good Advice for Recording Interview Guests and Co-Hosts

This episode outlines the best practices for recording good audio for yourself, your guest, and your co-host(s). And yes, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor have addressed this topic before, but never quite like this … This week’s episode begins with a callback to last week, as Jerod notes a massive bit of irony that came


How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

In the fourth part of The Mainframe’s series on membership sites, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett outline strategies for keeping your customers sticking around and holding their interest. Listen in to find out all the details.