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3 Resources to Help You Become a (More) Productive Content Marketer

Each week on my show Editor-in-Chief, I discuss the editorial standards that can help distinguish your content from your competition’s. Editorial standards for your content include both specific publishing tasks, such as fact-checking, and general publishing processes, such as systems for effectively managing a content calendar. When you’re the Editor-in-Chief of the content you produce,


How to Admit that You Are Terrible at Podcast Interviews (and Why This Matters for Your Success)

Sometimes inspiration overcomes planning. For this episode, The Showrunner hosts Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor had planned to cover an entirely different topic. Luckily, the record button had been hit during their pre-call discussion, so they decided to roll with it. This conversation goes deep and was entirely unplanned, but it became a revelation for


Seth Godin’s Top Tips for Freelancers

When Brian Clark started his first business in 1998, it turns out he did a lot of things right. It wasn’t until May of 1999 when Brian read a book called Permission Marketing that he realized what he was missing, which led to his first successful business. Since that time, Seth Godin has written several


How to Double Your Business with Practical Management and Measurement

In the second part of this series on The Mainframe, hosts Tony Clark and Chris Garrett discuss how you can grow your business with the right focus, measurement, and management processes. Listen in to get all the details.