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Could Podcasting Make You a Better Writer?

Indeed, it can. It can also make you a more visible writer. But that depends on how you go about it. On this episode of Rough Draft, Demian Farnworth interviews Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor. Jerod is one of the VPs of Rainmaker.FM, Demian’s co-host on The Lede, and a co-host on another Rainmaker.FM show


Get Our Proven, Step-by-Step Podcasting Course (While Registration Is Open)

You’ve been hearing a lot about podcasting over the last 6-12 months. And you’ve been seeing a lot about podcasting too, especially here at Copyblogger, where we’ve shifted much of our marketing model to one built around on-demand, educational audio content. Perhaps you’re still wondering why. Here are a few interesting recent data points (via


The Unstoppable Rise of the Digital Content Creator

I’m typing this article on a pretty powerful machine — and it’s no bigger than the size of a Vogue magazine. On this same machine, I can collaborate, record, edit, and publish a video — or even a movie. I can record, edit, and publish a podcast. Software has made all this — and more


3 Resources to Help You Create the Content that Already Exists in Your Imagination

Even though it may seem like starting to write is the most difficult part of the content creation process, just starting is not good enough. As writers, we also need to have both a strong vision and unwavering confidence that enable us to complete, publish, and promote our projects. To support you as you create