1,000 Marketing Conversations

Eric Mattson is an American marketer living in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s decided to do something very interesting with his blog.

Eric’s goal is to perform 1,000 interviews with people involved in marketing and social media. For example, earlier this month he interviewed Richard Edelman of Edelman PR about blogging and why the social evolution of the web is the great equalizer for public relations.

Now, with such an ambitious goal, you’ve got to expect some filler. So following up his chat with Edelman is an interview with . . . yours truly.

Seriously, I had a lot of fun talking to Eric about a whole range of subjects, including SEO, internet marketing, blogging, and copywriting. He’s a great guy, and the podcast came out pretty well, especially when you consider that he was on Skype and I was on a cell phone.

Check it out, and you may also want to sign up for the feed to catch future installments.

I’m sure Eric will get back to interviewing important people soon. :)

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  1. What a great idea ! Wish I’d have thought about it first.

    I may have to implement this strategy on a couple of our blogs…

  2. Ok this time Ill just praise you. You are doing a real super job on this blog and I must say your copyrightin tips have helped me a lot. I was however wondering, how are you making money of this website. Or is this just to help us poor souls?

  3. Hey Shabda, thanks. The short answer to your question is, I’m not making money off this site. At least not directly.

    Since I get that question a lot, I’ll likely write a post about it.

  4. Wow great idea!



  5. I just finished listening to the interview and it was very interesting. Now I’ll have to check out other podcasts from MarketingMonger.

  6. “Hey Shabda, thanks. The short answer to your question is, ….”
    I guess I have still to learn a lot from you. Like in your reply you said Hey Shabda,.. now calling by name is a trigger, is it not. I should have started that comment as hey Brian.