1,000 Words Can Make You Immortal

Yes, social networking sites are entertaining, powerful, and endlessly absorbing.

Yes, they can (and should) be put to good use for your content marketing goals.

But serious content, polished and published on your own domain? That’s where things can, and often do, get very interesting.

Have you written your 1000 words today?

1000 Words Can Make You Immortal

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About the Author: Brian Clark is founder of Copyblogger and CEO of Copyblogger Media. Get more from Brian on Google+.

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  1. In terms of typography I liked it thanks

  2. I find the IMMORTAL “Copyblogger Shareable” humorous in that achieves its message in way under 140 characters. Whether this was intentional or not, the message is poignant. So poignant and universal that just last week, I scripted a poke-in-the-eye video for a Fast Company blog entitled, “Without The Right Message, Twitter Is No Better For Your Brand Than A Fax Machine”.

    Amazingly, this message (as I’m sure yours does) resonated heavily with almost 2,000 views in just 3 days. I share the link here for those who enjoy “the video version” of this very important concept for all who generate content and use social media.

    In appreciation and for those who value http://youtu.be/vh1I-K15o1s

  3. That’s it? How can I write 1000 words to make me immortal?

  4. Well said guys..

  5. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. Does this image have to do with the fact that the saying is, a picture is worth a 1000 words? Correct me if I am wrong.



  7. And if you consistently distribute your life 140 characters at a time without 1000 immortal words to back it up, you’ll be building someone else’s empire while leaving yourself on the sidelines :(
    Great Post Brian.

  8. I’ve been following and learning from your blog these last couple of years. I’ve finally built up enough of a head of steam to take the plunge and set myself up properly as a copywriter targeting small, small businesses. Thanks for sharing that post. I’ll use it as my lead blog post.

    PS. I haven’t made my website live yet. Tinkering away in the backyard. Tomorrow though, I’ll be ready to show its face to the world!

  9. one of my favorite tweet (quote) from you sir! =)
    re-blogged this one. . .

  10. Well done. And the embed code is great. Will be using it on my network blog.

  11. Yeah if you’re writing “how to turn lead into gold in ten minutes” so I think it doesn’t work for all niches…wrote 5000 one time and failed miserably!

  12. The message is always the core, the medium is just distribution. And as with most distribution channel it can spread a great message fast as well as a poor message. The medium doesn’t differentiate good or bad message, it just spreads them. It is your duty to ensure that your message is carrying the right content before lashing out through to distribute.

    Very nicely done!

  13. Love it Brian, but tell you what – I write about personal growth so this might not fit in with my blog theme as well someone who’s involved with internet marketing or developing a blog. What I am going to do – and I hope it’s ok with you – is pin it to my “Inspiration” board at Pinterest.

  14. If a writer isn’t writing then they aren’t a writer. All bark + no bite = no impact. The idea of writing everyday should be paramount to every writer, no matter what. Once writing becomes a habit that’s when the writing starts to become engaging and fun. I’m off to work on my 1,000 words today. Thanks!

  15. I did my 1,000 words today thinking about this post.

  16. I’ve come across this so many times and I totally agree with it. Even though some say that the concise, brief and punchy statements get more attention, it’s the overall essence of an article that gives a person recognition in the blogosphere.

  17. Nothing is immortal. You never know, when a hacker wipes all your stuffs 😀

  18. I shared it on my site.

    Often tweets become the basis for my blog posts. It’s kind of funny how a sentence or two is an easier commitment than sitting down to compose a proper blog post. Then again, it’s sort of how my brain works and why I think I do tweet. I get moments, epiphanies, where I have clarity and a well-written sentence: just one. I tweet it, favorite it, and put it in a draft folder for later.

  19. In my opinion, I don’t know when these social networks will simply disappear and put my business in jeopardy. However, I know that my self-hosted WordPress site will always be there for me.

  20. Thanks for your tip Brian. Totally great one. I usually write contents on my blog that only contain around 300 to 600 words. Hopefully, i can improve myself and make a habit of writing 1000 word articles from now on.

    Really. Thanks dude.