10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

The question I seem to be getting over and over is…

How did you get so many subscribers?

The answer is simple—I value subscribers more than any other measure of blog success, such as page views or raw traffic. Subscribers are the life blood of a successful blog in my opinion, and frankly, I wish I had more of them.

Okay, that may be a bit vague.

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Copyblogger Joins b5media

The official announcement goes out tomorrow bright and early, but I thought I’d give you the heads up first.

As of about two months ago, I accepted an invitation to join the b5media blog network, as part of the new business collection of blogs they have coming online tomorrow. Things took a little longer than anticipated for the business section launch, so that’s the reason for the lengthy lapse in time.

Don’t worry about drastic changes around here… there won’t be any. The few changes that needed to be made have already been implemented weeks ago.

Many of you might be shocked that I’m doing this. After all, I haven’t exactly been a big rah-rah supporter of many of the blogging networks out there.

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The Art of the Joint Venture

Well, the emails have started again. :)

After my last post, several people wrote in wondering what exactly I meant by this:

Or you can simply blog to meet cool people with great skills and great ideas and do business with them.

Well, basically, my method of doing business online involves joint ventures.

Now, depending on your familiarity with that term as it’s been used lately online, you may be thinking of something that I’m not.

I learned about joint ventures from practicing law, not from some Internet “guru.” In fact, I was so fascinated by what the clients were doing when setting up deals that I knew I’d never be satisfied simply “papering” the details for them.

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Why People Want to Know
What’s In It For *You*

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I harp on one thing over and over:

The key to successful copywriting, business blogging and marketing in general is to focus intently on what’s in it for *them*.

Them, of course, refers to your readers, your prospects, your current clients and customers, and the giant mass of people out there who don’t yet know who you are and couldn’t care less.

In other words, you’ve got to offer as much unique value as possible.

If It’s Too Good to be True…

An unexpected corollary of offering unique value, though, is that people want to know what’s in it for you. It all comes down to the old cliché:

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

This is a classic example of having a great benefit that triggers an emotional acceptance response, but nonetheless needs to be backed up with a rational reason why.

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Check Out the Official Copyblogger Commercial From Robert Bruce

A gracious gift from Robert Bruce:


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Does Your Copy Look Spammy?

It’s been interesting this year to watch the intersection (some might say “collision”) of direct response Internet marketing and the blogosphere.

Basically you’ve got the purveyors of the sales letter trying to figure out how to live in the hype-intolerant social media environment.

It’s often not pretty, and here I am right in the middle of it all with a blog about copywriting.

The latest dust-up came when WordPress selectively enforced trademark rights against two popular sites that sell WordPress tutorial videos. Without rehashing the whole thing here, in essence one might say that the problem boiled down to how those two sites looked.

Yes, they use those highly effective long-copy sales letters that many in the blogosphere hate. And the sentiment from WordPress was they looked “spammy” and “scammy.”

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