What Romance Novels Can Teach You About Powerful Copywriting

Romance Novel

I don’t think there’s a more scorned form of literature than the romance novel. “Bodice rippers,” “trashy books” or “that Harlequin crap” are some of the more charitable terms I’ve heard. It was probably pure perversity that led me to try to write one. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did.

The four romance novels I published taught me more about writing than anything else I’ve ever done. And when I began to write marketing materials, and later blogs, I realized that the key to writing romances is also the key to any kind of persuasive writing.

No, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not the sex that gets the reader to turn those pages.

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Three Killer Content Strategies for
Building Affiliate Marketing Assets

Copywriting for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t that tough… if you’ve got attention and trust.

You can gain attention and trust through your relationship with people who agree to receive content from you. And you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content.

Ideally, you want both.

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How to Succeed in Social Media

“A gossip is one who talks to you about others; a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.” ~Lisa Kirk

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Copywriting Maven’s Marketing Makeover: BookClubClassics.com

Lightbulb on

Kristen Galles wants to help book clubs tackle and appreciate good books, both classics and more recently due to customer interests, hot new titles. Until recently, Kristin was selling 2-3 kits per week but sales have seen a downturn. She’s looking for a tidy annual revenue.

  • Product Summary: Standard and Custom Kits for Book Clubs to help members tackle and appreciate the classics. Kits include questions, bookmarks, menu ideas, vocabulary lists, activities, etc.
  • Promotion Medium: Google AdWords primarily
  • Total Budget: $100/month
  • Creative Objectives: $25,000 annual revenue
  • Offer: None, sample kit is viewable from site
  • Target Audience: book clubs that focus on fiction, primarily female
  • Product Price: varies, starts at $10/$15 up to $25

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Why Valedictorians Make Lousy Bloggers (And Class Clowns Rule)

Customer Relationship

Care to play a little game?

Okay, think back to your days in high school for a moment. Try to remember some of the class clowns. You know, the people that never seemed to get any work done, preferring to either tick someone off or make everyone laugh.

Can you remember what they looked like? If I asked you to tell me a story about them, could you do it?

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Four Ways to Target Online Buyers
With the Right Words

Buying Online

Building a commercial website means finding the right style, tone, and words that convert hits to sales.

That goal isn’t an easy one to reach. One word – just one – can mean the difference between a trickle of sales and a whole lot of success. That’s one of the reasons split testing your copy is an important part of the online business process.

Who’s reading your content, though? Who skims the headlines of your web page? Who’s your ideal customer?

Most likely, you have some idea. You may know the person’s demographics, interests, and preferences. Go further. Do you know what type of buyer you’re targeting?

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