10 Quick and Simple Ways to Power Up Your Customer Testimonials


When we were kids, my friends and I made up a game we called “Made You Look.” Three or four of us would get fairly close together – in a shopping plaza, on the street, or anywhere there were lots of people – and look up as if we saw something incredible.

It would never fail. Passers-by would glance up to see what we were looking at. Some would stop and stand there for half a minute trying to discern the object of our attention. And the more of us doing it, the more people would look. One time in New York City, we did this with a dozen cohorts and virtually stopped traffic on Broadway.

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Web Video TeleClass

Web video

You can listen to the replay of Web Video Marketing: Trends, Techniques, and Copywriting Tips now. And if you’re at all interested in Web Video University, you won’t want to miss the end of the class.

The Secret to Captivating Content?
More Cowbell!

More Cowbell

In April of 2000, Saturday Night Live aired one of the few truly classic sketches outside of the 1970s and 80s. The sketch is a spoof of a VH1 “Behind the Music” episode featuring Blue Öyster Cult and the recording of (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (watch it here).

The sketch stars host Christopher Walken as famed producer “THE Bruce Dickinson,” with Will Ferrell on cowbell alongside a faux Blue Öyster Cult. The whole joke centers around the fact that the song has a cowbell percussion element that will never be more obvious than played by Ferrell.

Here’s the point.

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Two TeleClasses You Don’t Want to Miss
(And There’s No Charge)


I’ve got two teleclasses for you to check out, and neither one will cost you a dime. The first involves online video marketing and how it relates to copywriting, and the second is all about copy.

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The Art of Winning the Online Marketing Game

The best book I’ve ever read about marketing isn’t about marketing. It’s about baseball.

The book’s called Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, by Michael Lewis. If you’re a marketer or advertiser you need to read this book.

The premise is that baseball insiders are guilty of a herd mentality that’s focused on the wrong things and reaches the wrong conclusions. If you know nothing at all about baseball you’ll still learn very valuable lessons about business.

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Battle Productivity Brain Drain
With an Idea Budget

Brain Drain

I recently gave you 10 quick tips for building a business online. One tip in particular resonated with readers:

#4 – Work on one idea at a time. Never splatter out with many ideas. It’s overwhelming.

Easier said than done. We have too many great ideas, too many things to do, and only two hands and one brain.

Which idea is best to follow? This one? That one? All of them? What about time? There’s not enough. It all needs to be done now! But where to start? Here? There?

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