The Duke Ellington Guide to Copy That Swings

Duke Ellington

Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing . . .

Whenever you study a creative form like copywriting, you spend a lot of time on technique. You think hard about headlines and metaphors and what specific details you’ll use.

You worry about positioning and persuasive structure.

You’re trying to keep all the rules and guidelines in your head.

But if you want your content to keep bringing them back, it’s gotta swing.

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A WordPress Theme for
Serious Online Publishers

WordPress Theme

Once upon a time, there was a young man who wanted to become a web designer.

Trained as an engineer, he nonetheless had a great eye, an advanced understanding of SEO-friendly code, and a unique style that set him apart from the crowd. But he was just starting out and needed a break.

Thanks to a strange combination of coincidence and connections, the young man got to know a crusty old marketing guy. The marketing guy had no design skills, but he could recognize talent and great design when he saw it.

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Five Ways That Strategic Bullet Points Make You a Stronger Blogger

bullet point

Bullet points make you a stronger blogger?

Absolutely, if you’re good a writing them. In fact, being a master at writing killer bullet points is one of the most important copywriting skills around, second only to headline-writing.

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7 Things to Make Your Weekend Sweeter

Seven Things

Here are seven cool things to check out this weekend that won’t cost you a dime:

  1. You can watch the third traffic video from John Reese without opting in (and the second video too, for that matter). John discusses traffic generation with widgets and applications that can be built for a song by rent-a-coders. He then spills the beans about Traffic Secrets 2.0, with the biggest shock being the unexpectedly low price.
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How to Stop Being Invisible

Invisible Blogger

Have you ever felt like your blog is invisible?

You slave away on your posts, pouring every ounce of emotion, creativity, and insight you have into them. You submit your best work to Digg,, and StumbleUpon, certain that people will vote for your posts and send you a torrent of traffic. You link out to other popular bloggers, desperately hoping that you’ll grab their attention and earn a link in return.

But it’s like no one even sees you.

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Are You in the Third Tribe?

Enjoy your stay.