Want to Know the Real Reason
Why You Write?

Why Write?

What is it that makes you want to slave over an article or a blog post, to get your point across and to have other people read your words? What is it that makes you – or any of us for that matter – want to write?

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how 2 blog if u suk at writin’

Blogging Loser?

These days, being a professional blogger is cool.

A couple of times now, I’ve been at dinner with a group of people, many of them substantially more financially successful and socially engaging than I, but as soon as everyone hears that I blog for a living, I’m suddenly Mr. Popular.

People seem enamored with the idea of sitting at a computer all day, pumping out pithy bits of wisdom for legions of adoring fans.

What’s more, they feel that it’s something they could never do, because, even though they’ve always wanted to start a blog, they kind of… well… “suk at writin’.”

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How to Build Your Blog Using Good Old-Fashioned E-mail


Most people who want to succeed as a blogger do everything they can to increase traffic and build a community. That includes creating solid content, using carefully selected key words, implementing sound SEO, encouraging incoming links, and any other trick in the book that works.

But when it comes to e-mail, too often bloggers just shrug their shoulders. “What does e-mail have to do with my blog?”

A lot.

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How to Write with Authority for a
Loyalty-Starved Market


These days, people are hungrier than ever for real authority. They’re tired of fluff, hype and “know-it-alls”. In the beginning of your writing, you’ll likely write with some uncertainty as you keep learning and growing – much like a child taking his first steps, but there comes a time where your writing “grows up” and you start to speak with greater directness and purpose.

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Beyond Eyeballs: The Three Body Parts that Create Real Revenue


The advertising world is obsessed with “eyeballs.” If you want to sell ads on your blog, for example, you’ll have to show potential advertisers how many unique users are coming to the site each week–how many eyeballs are looking at your stuff.

But readers are made of more than eyeballs. If you want to get beyond advertising to where the real money is, and find your village of profitable customers, you’ll need to get beyond simplistic eyeball thinking and start addressing whole human beings.

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How to Write With Confidence


Writing sounds easy enough, right? Just slap some words onto a page, spell-check, sense-check, job done.

Piece of cake.

Or at least it would be if you didn’t start second guessing yourself.

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