Audience Conference: Ready to Get Serious About Social Media?

Audience Conference

In my view, social media represents the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity of a lifetime. But there seems to be a mindset that holds people back from making the most of it.

One is thinking of yourself as a blogger, or an affiliate marketer, or whatever other small box you come up with, instead of thinking of yourself as a media producer.

The other is thinking because the technology is new, the principles of audience engagement must be new and specific to new media as well.

Maybe it’s time for a new way of thinking?

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How to Sell More Ethically

image of sleazy salesman

I keep running into this little conundrum.

One of the most important goals of copywriting is persuasion.

In fact, it’s kind of the most important goal, because if you’re not trying to get your readers to do something, you’re probably going to stop calling yourself a “copywriter” and just go for “writer.”

Writers can write without a call to action, but then writers also get to mull their words carefully while drinking tea. Copywriters can’t do that. They’re on deadline. They need high-octane espresso.

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How to Be the Cool Kid (Even if
You Weren’t One in High School)

image of skateboarder

If you hang out here on Copyblogger, you’re probably trying to figure out how to expand your readership and make your blog popular.

You’re here because Brian Clark is a pretty cool guy, and he seems to know what’s up.

He has this shiny blog, a rockin’ team, billions of subscribers, good hair, a nice car and a pretty wife.

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How the Authority Rules Report Brought
Me 234% More Site Memberships

Authority Rules

Recently, I learned a handful of techniques from Brian Clark that brought me some pretty intriguing results.

234% more site memberships.

62% more unique visitors.

100% more paying clients.

How much did I pay Brian to teach me how to do this? Not a dime. I got everything I needed out of a free report.

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The Sideways L: How to Use Misdirection
to Make Your Readers Laugh

image of the letter L

Making your readers laugh can be a great way to capture attention, create word of mouth, and develop a terrific relationship with your audience.

A lot of writers may think you can’t teach people how to write humor, but I don’t buy it. In fact, here’s a simple technique you can use to get a few laughs of your own.

It won’t turn you into Mitch Hedberg overnight, but it can go a long way to putting a smile on the face of your readers.

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy
Brian and Sonia a Beer

image of a glass of beer

Brian and I are heading out to the BlogWorld and New Media Expo this week, where we hope to meet plenty of Copyblogger readers.

As you might know, one of the smartest things you can do at a conference is to see if there’s someone you can learn from at the bar after the day’s main events. Buy them a drink and you just might get a little bit of free and frank advice about your project.

But since we know that trekking out to Las Vegas isn’t on everyone’s schedule, we thought we’d let you know about a way to “buy us a drink” and get some nitty-gritty advice about your own business, web site, or blog.

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