Want to Grow Your Business With Blogging? Here’s Your Quick-Start Guide

image of Problogger Business Blogging

The good folks over at Problogger have released another excellent blogging manual, this time focused specifically on business blogging.

It’s written by Mark Hayward, a very cool guy who I’ve followed for years.

Mark caught my attention four years ago after he purchased a small business on a Caribbean island that had no customers, no cash flow, and very little hope. With a hefty monthly mortgage payment to meet, he did what any sensible island business owner does.

He started to blog.

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Guy Kawasaki’s 5-Step Guide to Becoming an Enchanting Authority

image of guy kawasaki

You might have already bought it.

Maybe you loved it. Maybe you hated it. Maybe you listened to the great Copyblogger radio show about it.

What is it? Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. It’s Guy Kawasaki’s most recent book, and it was a smash hit.

But this post is not about that book. Sorry, Guy.

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How to Beat the 3 Types of Writer’s Block

image of woman with writer's block

It’s just about the least fun part of being a writer, and one of the big stumbling blocks a lot of businesses face with content marketing.

You never seem to have enough ideas.

Or you have a bunch of ideas, but you don’t quite get around to writing them.

Or you start a dozen different projects, and manage to finish half a page on each one.

It’s maddening, and it’s got to stop.

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7 Steps to an Email Opt-in Page That Works

Image of Landing Page graphic

Email marketing works.

In fact, it’s still the best online method for converting prospects into customers or clients.

A critical part of the process begins, however, before a single email is sent. You’ve got to get people on your list in the first place.

This happens most effectively at a landing page specifically designed to convince the right people to sign up.

Some people call these opt-in landing pages “squeeze” pages, which, in addition to being a derogatory way to think about the process, is also technically incorrect.

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Meet the Lazy Marketer’s Best Friend: The Email Autoresponder

Image of Victorian Machine

No one loves blogs more than I do. They’re a great way to build your authority, attract an engaged audience, develop trust and rapport, attract links, and stake your claim in search engines.

I love blogs. But like babies and kittens, two other things I love, they’re also a lot of responsibility.

Blogs take time. You’ve got to write terrific content that stands out from the general noise, promote it intelligently, and cultivate reader relationships. And that’s in addition to everything else you do in your business, from producing your product to getting your taxes filed.

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The “Talk Radio” Approach to Effective Email Marketing

image of on air sign

Most people struggle with email marketing because they think email is … email.

But it’s not.

At least, not when you’re selling online.

When you’re selling with email it’s far more like talk radio than it is sending an email.

What do I mean by this?

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