Please Help Us Defeat Breast Cancer

Brian Gardner walking the Komen 3-Day for the Cure

On August 5-7, fellow Copyblogger Media partner Brian Gardner (founder of StudioPress) and his wife Shelly will be walking 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for The Cure in Chicago.

This is Brian’s tenth year walking, and in that time he’s raised more than $60,000 to fight breast cancer. And he’s not even close to being finished.

You might not be able to join Brian and Shelly in Chicago for their three-day odyssey. But there is a way you can join us in spirit …

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How to Dominate Your Industry like Drudge

On any given day, The Drudge Report drives more traffic to major news sites than Facebook or Twitter.

Think about that for a minute.

One man with a 14-year-old, one-page, static html website sends more traffic to the CNN, Yahoo, New York Times, LA Times, FOX News and USA Today websites than the nearly one billion users of Facebook and Twitter combined.

In driving traffic to those sites, Drudge is second only to Google. The journalistic world has accordingly beaten a path to Matt Drudge’s door, all seeking just one link from the Master.

How does he do it?

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How to Sell Like Steve Jobs

image of steve jobs

It’s a simple formula.

To convert readers into buyers of your product, you must provide them with:

  1. Jaw-droppingly relevant benefits
  2. Reasons they can give to their spouse

If you can provide your prospects with the reasons that they want/need/expect to own your particular product, it can go a long way toward helping in that crucial — and inevitable — spousal “sales” conversation.

Writing that fails to convert often contains only half of this formula.

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5 Great Reasons to Start Your Facebook Page Right Now

image of film slide

With all the chatter over the weekend about the debut of Google Plus, you’d think this article would be about the newest and shiniest social network from the search giant.

But for now, we’ll let the tech types and early adopters play with Google Plus and go ahead and make sure your business is being seen where the people are.

We’re talking 700 million people — that’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts. With those kind of numbers, even Copyblogger couldn’t resist creating a Facebook Page.

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