Is Starting Your Own Business Risky?

image of tightrope walker

Starting a business is risky. Horribly, terrifyingly risky.

Nearly all new businesses fail — that’s the official statistic, right? Some say 4 out of 5, some say as many as 95%.

Successful entrepreneurs have a different kind of DNA from the rest of us. Ice water runs through their veins. They thrive on risk. The more insane the odds, the better they like it.

For those of us who have families, or who just don’t feel like living on ramen for the next four years, we’re probably better off keeping the day job.

Do you believe any of those?

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What the eBook Revolution Means and How Copywriters Can Prosper From It

image of yesterday's gone book cover

You love books. Printed books.

And like most writers, you’re probably an avid reader who has spent thousands of hours with print books over your lifetime.

Perhaps you’re mourning their passing.

No, print isn’t quite dead, but it is struggling. And when publishing is fully reborn, it will be utterly different.

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The BlogWorld Expo Virtual Ticket (or, How to Get To a Conference You Can’t Get To)

image of blogworld expo virtual ticket

We live a lonely life out here on the internet.

Sure, we’ve got email and blogs and social media and Skype and the occasional contact via an actual phone, but in real-life terms we’re pretty isolated.

We usually live far away from our “work friends.” We swap ideas in small, discreet blocks — a half-hour IM chat with someone here, an email or two with someone else there.

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19 Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing

Good writers should get paid for their work. It’s as simple as that.

If this is what you want to do professionally, then you should be paid for it.

A dirty little secret of this business is that many writers that earn a full-time income by putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, aren’t any better than the writers who don’t make a dime.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me be clear, you’re not going to find any “get rich quick” ideas in this post. But those writers that earn do have a secret weapon …

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The Writer (Still) Runs This Show

image of text from a Brian Clark post
Those are the opening lines of a post Brian wrote last year, one that has become a Copyblogger mantra — one of our core philosophies.

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Firefly Creativity, Writing Process Tips, and Twitter Resources Galore: The Copyblogger Weekly Wrap

image of Copyblogger Weekly Wrap logo

I like to use these Weekly Wrap intros to feature interesting industry news and tidbits, not to talk about myself and the cool things I’ve been up to. Note: All previous intros that violate this principle have been random coincidences resulting in accidental self-aggrandizement.

Anyway, re: developments in blogging and social media, BlogWorld & New Media Expo made this announcement the other day involving their “Virtual Ticket” program and how they brought some person on to help them restructure it and host it. Oh, and that person is me.

Damn. Did it again.

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