The Secret of The Successful Copywriter

image of don at the bar

A copywriter was struggling deeply with his business.

He was getting clients and jobs, but his words weren’t making sales, and his clients rarely called him back.

A friend of his — who had taken up the trade much later than he had — was doing surprisingly well.

The friend was writing for the web, for print, and for radio in several different markets, and was beginning to make a killing.

Clients were raving about his skills, and the results that his words were bringing in.

“I’m in trouble here, I need to know your secret. Can you meet?” the copywriter said.

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How to Build an Engaged Audience with Content Marketing

image of danny iny's engagement book

Most bloggers are after the same things.

They want traffic to their blogs, comments on their posts, and sales of their products or services.

These are all great goals, but they’re really just symptoms of something else: having an engaged and responsive audience.

You can’t have a lot of consistent traffic, comments, or sales without a great audience — your traffic source will dry up sooner or later (AdWords, anyone?), your commenters will stop commenting, and your sales will disappear.

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How to Write Weapons-Grade Copy

image of military tankYou might not think that DARPA (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) would be very concerned about writing copy.

These are the folks who helped invent computer networking, Predator drones, and Iron Man-like military exoskeletons.

But in fact, DARPA is investing in one particular kind of wordsmithing: stories.

Why is storytelling, one of the oldest human activities, of such interest to DARPA, an agency dealing in technology so advanced that it often sounds like science fiction?

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The 2011 Copyblogger Gratitude List

image of pumpkin pieTomorrow is Thanksgiving in the States … a day devoted to family, football, and eating our own weight in pie.

And, of course, gratitude.

I probably don’t take as much time as I should to sit down and think about everything I’m grateful for. The list is embarrassingly long, and it starts with the readers of this blog.

If I tried to list every single thing I’m grateful for, we’d both be here until after Groundhog Day. But I’d like to hit a few highlights — and to find out what’s on your gratitude list this year.

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How to Master the Craft of Writing

illustration of sherlock holmes by sidney paget

Sherlock Holmes was the greatest Consulting Detective in the world.

Though merely a fiction, written over a century ago by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his methods of logical deduction are without equal.

Holmes’ mastery of his craft brought him to the fog-cloaked London doorsteps of the most powerful people of his time.

Correction: those clients came to him.

They ran, desperate, to his Baker Street rooms, begging for his help, willing to pay any amount he requested in return for his services.

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The Lede: 7 Marketing Links for Smart People

The Lede |

“Total freedom” is a creative cage.

What people are really doing online.

Steve Martin’s secret of success, and a massive (and mostly missed) opportunity on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, follow @copyblogger to grab these links – and a lot more – throughout the week.

On with The Lede

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