The Best of Copyblogger 2011

image of 2011We’re big on tradition here at Copyblogger. And I’m not just talking about that crazy Puerto Rican eggnog. (Who knew you could get that much rum into a seemingly innocent dairy-based beverage?)

Every year right before Christmas, we let you know that we’re taking the rest of the year off. And every year, we slip in a “Best of Copyblogger” post right before New Year’s, just in case you missed something juicy over the past 12 months.

Man, are we sneaky.

So here are the best Copyblogger articles from 2011, based on your enthusiasm and my own bias for content that’s going to get you what you want in 2012.

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5 Ways to Kill Information Overload and Start Making Progress With Your Marketing

image of massive bookshelf

How many marketing and business books (and ebooks) have you bought and then promptly … placed gently on your growing bookshelf?

How many have you read, but never used?

Between Amazon, libraries, amazing content creators, email, social networking, and the wild open web, we’ve got all the information we need … and more.

Much more.

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5 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from a Weird “Real World” Business

image of west highland terrierOne of the most useful skills in business is to be able to look at what someone else is doing in an unrelated topic, and bring it to your own online marketing.

You’ll find fresh angles, new approaches, and compelling ways to deliver your message.

If you run a yoga studio, you can often learn more from an auto body shop or a roofing company than from your fellow yogis.

If you’re in technology, take a look at what artists are doing. If you’re a musician, borrow from accountants.

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Zen and the Art of Good Web Design

image of zen master

There are a lot of minimalist blogs cropping up these days.

They’re bare, spare, and airy.

I’m all for zen. I love clean web design with plenty of white space.

But one no-color, minimalist design can start to look pretty much like another.

And I wonder … are all those zen-inspired blogs really built by budding Buddhists? Or could it be that some of them — not all, but some — look plain and uninspired simply because their owners are struggling to figure out how to inject a little personality?

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A 5-Minute Guide to More Persuasive Copywriting

image of screaming crowd

Copywriters love to tell clients they can create compelling copy.

Few of them ever mention whom they think they’re compelling.

That’s because too few of them have ever given it the thought it deserves.

One of the first rules of copywriting is to know your audience, and many copywriters are fairly skilled at creating copy designed to appeal to, say, a 60-year-old female retiree who’s confused about her insurance options.

The problem is that that’s not how Dorothea in Florida thinks of herself.

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7 Marketing Links You Can Use in the Field

The Lede |

David Ogilvy on Social Media.

How a “drug-taking college dropout” created one of the most successful corporations in the world.

The Secrets of the biggest-selling launch ever.

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This is The Lede

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