How to Instantly Transform Your Landing Page Images from Good to Great

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Reading this post made us smarter, richer, more fascinating, and an average of 3 inches taller.

Let’s say you place a photo of a client on your landing page.

Just the photo. No client name. No title, or business name. No clue as to what industry that client is in, or where they come from.

Now, photos are a great addition to landing pages. Photos of happy clients help to build trust with your readers, showing the type of people who do business with you.

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12 Tips for Selling to a Global Audience

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Time for a quick pop quiz …

What percentage of online shoppers are from the United States?

Better yet, what percentage of online shoppers speak English?

90%? 80%?

Surely at least 75%, right? Nope.

This might shock you, but according to J.P. Morgan — reporting for the Department of Commerce — only 27% of online shoppers speak English.

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7 Content Marketing Articles Worth Reading

The Lede |

  • Almost everything you wanted to know about content marketing in one post.
  • How to thrive in difficult times.
  • How to create a social media calendar.
  • A powerful content marketing plan you can put to use.
  • Several more smart bits of content marketing goodness.

If you want even more links you can use than the seven we highlight here, follow @copyblogger on Twitter.

This is The Lede

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How to Newsjack Your Way to Free Media Exposure with David Meerman Scott

What if getting big PR and media exposure for your business or idea were no longer out of your reach or budget?

What if you could “inject” your name or brand into a national or international story of your choosing, becoming part of the story yourself?

David Meerman Scott, a veteran PR and marketing expert, has written a book that teaches you how to accomplish that, and more.

Enter Newsjacking, a powerful way to get seen and heard in today’s big media environment…

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How Great Web Design Grows Your Audience

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Let’s quickly review: Email marketing works.

In fact, none of the shiny new communication technologies even come close. With more than 188 billion messages sent every day, email is a more important and influential tool for your business than it has ever been.

Email isn’t going anywhere, and we think it’s time you got serious about building your email list.

Our StudioPress division has built the Generate theme for WordPress to help you get that done.

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Save up to $350 on Search Marketing Expo

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The landscape of search and search engine marketing change rapidly.

To keep up, stay ahead, grow your business, and get more (and better) traffic to your site, you need the right help.

Search Marketing Expo is a conference that offers more than 60 cutting-edge sessions (as well as invaluable networking opportunities) covering the search marketing strategies and tactics you’ll need to thrive in 2012 and beyond.

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