The 2nd Most Important Element in Copywriting

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This simple word of advice makes good copywriters legendary.

With it, you’re going to increase sales. Without it, you’re finished.

It’s deceptively plain, and easily ignored.

We already know if nobody makes it past your headline, nobody reads your content or sales page. This makes the headline the most important element of your persuasive copy.

What’s the 2nd most important element?

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A Tested Social Media Success Formula:
Talk as Yourself, Not About Yourself

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Over the past few years, I’ve conducted a number of focus groups on subjects ranging from email marketing to blogging.

When I ask participants why they’ve chosen to receive emails from a particular source, read a specific blogger, or follow a certain Twitter user, they give me a variation on the same answer:

“Because I like their unique point of view.”

Readers will only listen to you if you’re giving them something they can’t find anywhere else.

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7 Marketing Links You Can Use

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What’s the best time of day to publish a tweet or send an email?

A simple way to generate endless ideas for blog posts.

How to get good at making money.

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This is The Lede

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15 Copywriting and Content Marketing Blogs that Will Make You More Money

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As you may have seen on Tuesday, we were disappointed to see that there were no copywriting blogs in last year’s Top 10 Blogs for Writers.

We think persuasive writers — content marketers and copywriters — are as worthy of cheers and accolades as our fiction-writing brothers and sisters.

So today I put together a list of 15 writing blogs I think you’ll get a lot out of.

I got lots of great suggestions for blogs to check out (thank you all), and it was tough to narrow them down to a manageable few.

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31 Pro Tips for a Successful, Satisfying, and Insanely Profitable 2012

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Obviously, everywhere you look this week, people are offering advice about what to do differently in 2012.

What to focus on. What habits to cultivate. What to stop doing. What to do more of.

Productivity, health, getting enough sleep, flossing your teeth.

Copyblogger spoiler alert: You can trust that in 2012 we’ll continue to push you toward better content, more effective copywriting, and creating success on your own terms.

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10 Terrific Creative Writing Blogs

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If you know Copyblogger, you know that we believe in writers.

Which is why we always look forward to the results from the “Ten Best Blogs for Writers” each year — a contest currently being produced by the blog Write to Done.

If you want to become a better writer yourself, it’s smart to study writers with strong voices, to learn about the craft of writing, and to spend time with others who share your obsession.

You can do all of that and more by checking out this year’s winners.

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