The One Skill that Makes an Online Entrepreneur Unstoppable

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Pop quiz, hotshot: What’s the most important skill you must have in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, especially in an online business? 

Is it salesmanship? Is it social media savvy, or SEO knowledge? 

Is it writing and content marketing? (Because I know a great blog about that.) 

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3 Psychological Triggers that Can Move Your Audience from Indifference to Desire

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I’d like to tell you about a powerful but elusive emotion that you can trigger to increase traffic, click-throughs, and conversions.

Used properly, it can entice your reader to give you their full attention and follow your call to action.

But there’s a catch.

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Premise 2.0: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress

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UPDATE: The special pricing promotion is over.

When anyone wants to quickly and easily create, test, and optimize landing pages with WordPress, our Premise software is the way to go. No doubt.

And the one-time fee, bundled optimization education, copywriting advice (from within WordPress), and included custom graphics have made Premise the go-to WordPress plugin for thousands of online marketers and small businesses.

But what if you’re looking for more?

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7 Sensible Content Marketing Links

The Lede |

This week on The Lede:

  • How Lists (and List Posts) Make Sense of the World
  • How to say No . . . Especially to Things You Want to Do
  • 85+ Copywriting Resources
  • The Best Content Marketing Infographics on the Planet
  • 8 Principles of Product Naming

If you want more useful links than the seven we highlight here every week, follow @copyblogger on Twitter.

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The Path to a Legendary Copywriting Career

John Carlton is a force of nature.

He’s that rare breed who can write fascinating copy, and is just as fascinating to listen to. Every story ends up a great story.

Through the lens of his remarkable journey to and through the copywriting trade, John delivers practical business tips and killer copywriting advice in this first half of a two-part interview I did with him.

Whether you’re a veteran writer, or just starting to learn your craft, the next 30 minutes with this outspoken ad man is a worthwhile spend …

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Why Blind Obedience is Killing Your Business

image of a hedge maze

Picture three men racing through a tall hedge maze.

The first man runs off and begins following paths randomly, hoping to stumble upon the exit.

The second man is more methodical. He puts one hand on a wall of the maze and resolves to keep moving forward slowly, never taking his hand off the wall. Eventually, thanks to the rules of topology, he knows he’ll find the outside.

The third man pushes and shoves directly through the hedges in a straight line, finishing in thirty seconds flat and declaring himself the winner.

Did the third man cheat?

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