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  • When Should We Add Marketing?
  • The Best Procrastination Tip Ever
  • Take a Hot Shower. Get Creative.
  • Want More Social Shares? Don’t Ignore These 3 Things …
  • The 13 Minute, 33 Second Website
  • 20 Days to a High-Quality, Highly-Engaged Twitter Following
  • One Piece of Indispensable Writing Advice

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Why You Should Build an Audience Before You Build a Business

Where do great business ideas come from?

What about products — how can you know (or at least make a highly educated guess about) whether your idea will actually fly in the market?

In his must-read book Breakthrough Advertising, master copywriter Eugene Schwartz wrote:

“This is the copywriter’s task: not to create mass desire — but to channel and direct it.”

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How to Create a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Timeline (Updated)

image of facebook logo

Updated as of May 11, 2012:

This article has been updated to reflect the recent change to the profile image sizes on Facebook. Take a look at the DGdesign example to see how the changes could affect your page.

Got a Facebook Page for your business?

Freaking out about creating a good-looking cover photo for your Timeline?

You’ve probably noticed that striking visual piece in the Facebook Pages timeline layout — a nearly-screen-width banner image, known as a “Cover.”

On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages were converted to the timeline layout with the cover photo.

But you may have noticed that not every cover image is a home run …

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14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships with the Who’s Who of Social Media

image of men on battlefield

You know the feeling.

You’ve worked hard on a new post, a new video or a groundbreaking new product.

You release it to the world. Publish it to all the social networks, share it with your email list, tell your friends … and nothing happens.

The needle doesn’t move.

Sometimes you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything “you should be doing” but not really going anywhere.

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The Myth of Mobile Content Marketing

image of iphone

I’m an unapologetic fan of Matt Drudge’s website.

A couple years ago, he (or someone around him) released an official Drudge Report iPhone app.

“Excellent,” I whispered, deep within the halls of the Bruce Family Compound.

I downloaded the thing the day it hit the App Store and opened it up. I opened it a few more times after that … then deleted it before the week was done.

What happened? This was a mobile content app from a website I used almost daily.

What happened was, there’s no such thing as “Mobile Content Marketing”.

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A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Creating Compelling Content

image of mathematical formula

There’s a secret to writing a lot of compelling content.

Every successful, prolific content writer knows this secret, and most other people … well, they don’t. And that’s what contributes to the mystique around the magical wordsmithing powers that some writers seem to have.

Well, no more.

Today I’m going to share that secret with you. The secret to prolifically creating excellent content isn’t inspiration or brilliance — it’s found in structure, planning, and research.

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