Piecing Together Your Online Marketing Puzzle

image of puzzle pieces on board

My grandma, Nana, loved putting together puzzles. I remember visiting her on the weekends and spending hours putting together 500- and 1000-piece puzzles.

During this time, my grandma would share bits of wisdom. She would encourage me to “stick with it” when I became frustrated. She celebrated every victory no matter how small. I still remember our banter back and forth as we competed to find a hidden piece.

Thirty years later, Nana’s lessons still guide me.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that our puzzle adventures actually offer an incredibly precise blueprint for marketing your business online.

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Save up to $50 on Search Marketing Expo’s Advanced Network Pass

image of the Search Marketing Expo logo

Copyblogger has been a media partner for the Search Marketing Expo conference for a few years now … because we’re always impressed by the depth of knowledge and expertise represented at SMX.

We usually run a post encouraging you to attend … but this year, SMX Advanced in Seattle sold out of their all-access passes before we had the chance to let you know about it.

Fortunately, you can still benefit from the expertise and networking — at an exceptional price.

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48 Elements of Persuasive Written Content

image of old locked door

You feel your blood pressure rising.

Maybe you’re mad, maybe you’re inspired, or maybe you’re just excited to find someone who really, truly gets you. Regardless, your attention is riveted — you can’t look away.


You’ve just been spellbound by content that persuades. It grabs us like nothing else can.


The truth is, words are very powerful things.

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The Naked Marketing Guide to
Compelling Copy that Closes Sales

image of feet and flower

How smooth is your copy?

Is your writing powerful, seductive, and engaging? Can you move people to act, without having to give it a second thought?

Some people are like that. The naturals. They always know exactly what to say, and how to say it.

Lucky them.

The rest of us have to work at it. We have to study and figure it out, one hard-learned lesson at a time.

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7 Writing and Marketing Links Worth Reading

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  • RSS: Your Social Media Monitoring Secret Weapon
  • Convert More Visitors from Your Guest Post with These 10 Landing Page Hacks
  • The Jedi Master Approach to Content Marketing that Converts
  • Twitter v. Facebook: A Short Case Study in Building Trust
  • Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer

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The Harpoon or the Net: What’s the Right Copy Approach for Your Prospects?

image of victorian fishing boats

Once you decide to learn more about the craft of copywriting, you quickly find out there are two schools of thought.

One school hammers the reader with red headlines, yellow highlighting, and aggressive copy that grips the reader like a terrier shaking a squirrel.

The other school develops a compelling personal voice, nurtures a relationship with the reader, and uses soft-sell techniques to nudge the reader down the path to purchase.

So which one is right?

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