7 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials to Help You Build a Better WordPress Website

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The clock seems to tick louder each day, and to-do lists grow longer by the minute, especially when you’re working to get a website (that works) up and running for your business or idea.

Learning the ropes of website development and design can seem time-consuming at first, but using WordPress — combined with a powerful premium WordPress theme — makes it much, much simpler than it’s ever been to take your online fate into your own hands.

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The 8 Laws of Being of Service

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I’ve got an ego big enough you could weekend there.  The views are gorgeous and there’s some pretty good fishing up there too.

So I sometimes wonder if I’m in this coaching/writing thing for the wrong reasons.  Do I do this just to fuel my ego and because I want to feel good about myself?

I know that when I’m working with someone and it all goes great, I feel fantastic. I’ve received cards and gifts from clients who’ve thanked me profusely, and I feel on top of the world as a result.

“I must be bloody good,” I think to myself as I ponder just how tall the statue of me will be when they decide to open a park or a hospital in my name.

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Magic Mike’s Guide to Seducing Your Audience (and Leave Them Panting for More)

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What can a movie about a male stripper teach you about engaging your audience and giving them what they really want?

With a fistful of dollars and a few free evenings you could probably work it out on your own, but to save you an embarrassing conversation with your spouse or accountant, I’m going to give you a shortcut.

All the lessons you need to know are available in the new movie Magic Mike, the tale of a male stripper at a popular club in Tampa who trains his fellow dancers in the art of seducing from the stage.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Self-Hosted WordPress Website

image of A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Self-Hosted WordPress Website

You know it’s about building a new media asset of your own.

You know that being a digital sharecropper is not cool.

And you know WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet (and it’s free).

But did you know it’s simple to get started with your own WordPress site, on your own domain, right now?

To prove it, we’ve put together the graphic below that takes you through the process, step-by-step. If that’s not enough, you can also register for a completely free course that digs down into the details.

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A Simple 4-Step Plan for Building
an Email Autoresponder that Works

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Imagine you’ve just won the luxury car of your dreams.

You could never afford this premium ride on your own and now it’s going to be all yours. As an additional reward, you are invited to the factory to watch the experienced automotive craftsmen assemble your beautiful driving machine.

At the end of the assembly tour, four men push your car off of the final inspection station. An engineer in a white lab coat greets you warmly and hands you the keys.

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7 Content Marketing Links Worth Clicking

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If you want to grab more useful links (than the seven we highlight here every week), follow @copyblogger on Twitter.

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