2013: The Year of the Online Writer

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We’re coming up on seven years since I started Copyblogger. That alone is hard for me to wrap my head around, and yet … here we are.

Since day one, it’s been about content. Not just words that fill up a webpage, but valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds businesses.

But there’s another thing Copyblogger has always been about, and that’s the people who create the content. For the most part, especially for us, that means writers.

The last several years (and especially 2012) you’ve heard a lot about content marketing. Some might say too much, but trust me, it’s not going away. We won’t go back to straight pitches, clever commercials, and filler website copy after being offered strategic content with independent value – the Internet-empowered prospect won’t tolerate it.

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The Best of Copyblogger in 2012

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For a mere blog, Copyblogger has been around for quite awhile now. And we’ve developed a few traditions.

One of them is that every year, just around the time when you wondered if your relatives were ever going home, we slip in a “Best of Copyblogger” post right before New Year’s.

It’s a chance for you to catch up on something you might have missed.

And it lets us revisit content we are particularly proud of.

These are some of our votes for the best Copyblogger articles from 2012, based both on your enthusiasm and our own.

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On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas

The doctor cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, but I have bad news.”

He paused, looking down at the floor. He looked back up at her. He started to say something and then stopped, looking back down at the floor.

That’s when Pat began to cry.

She’d argued with herself about even coming to the doctor’s office. Her baby was a year old, and he hadn’t started crawling yet. He tried, yes, dragging his legs behind him as he struggled to make it just a few feet on the floor, but it didn’t look right. Everyone told her that she was worrying over nothing, and maybe she was, but she told herself that she would take him to the doctor, just to be safe . . .

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14 Foolproof Proofreading Tips for Bloggers


Note: This post contains 25 misspelled words, and I bet you can’t find any. Ready? Begin proofing!

“Proofreading is vitally important, hard to do well, and tedious as hell.” ~Brian Clark

That’s the best quote I’ve ever heard about proofreading, but I’d like to extend Brian’s remarks a bit. In fact, I’ve got 14 tips just about guaranteed to make you a better proofreader, and maybe make the task a tad less terrible.

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Looks Like We Made It …

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Well, dawn has broken on December 21.

Peeking out of my curtains, I see no zombie apocalypse, no Mayan-speaking vengeance deities, no vampires or trolls or angry visitors from other planets.

Granted, the day is still young, but I’m going to call it good.

So we made it.

After a very, very hard end of the year. A lot of extremely bad things happened, and most of us are still reeling a little.

But we’re still here. And once we’ve ordered a Gaping Void I survived the Mayan Apocalypse t-shirt, apparently we still have to make a living for the rest of our lives.

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How to Create an Agile Content Marketing Strategy (and Stay Sane Doing It)

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I’ll admit it: I spent so much time this past year creating content that I didn’t make enough time to read. And reading is important when you’re a content creator. After all …

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. – Oscar Wilde

I’m determined to change, and I started by making time to read The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark.

What exactly is agile content?

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