Copy this “Oscar-Ready” Approach to Boost Your Social Media Star Power

image of oscar statue

Did you see the Oscar awards the other night? Yeah, I didn’t either. tl;dw.

But like most people with social media accounts, I did see chatter about it that night and the next day.

And who was the darling of this year, amid the usual tedious acceptance speeches and awkward emcee moments?

Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence was also the informal winner of this year’s “adorable celebrity” award, for stumbling on her way up the stairs.

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Site Sensor: Website Monitoring for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

Image of Site Sensor Loaded on MacBook and iPhone

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You find out your site has been down for over an hour … from cranky people on Twitter and Facebook.
  • What about missing out on that time-sensitive request for proposal, because your email server wasn’t pulling new mail?
  • Is your payment processer down right now and you don’t have a clue, because the rest of your site is up and looks fine, but no one can buy?

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How to Find the Keywords that Work for Your Content Marketing Goals

Image of Satellite Array

When you do keyword research, you’re working to discover the actual words your customers use when they search for information about your content topic.

Smart keyword research will let you uncover great information about your audience — how they search, how they speak, and how they think.

Accurate keyword research helps you optimize your website for the search engines, and it also allows you to shape your content strategy. So it’s vitally important that you use smart tactics to help you do your research in a fast, efficient way.

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Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+

Image of Google+ Logo

Google was founded on a simple principle — some web pages are more important than others.

How is that importance quantified? Ideally, it’s based on the fact that people think that page satisfies their questions about the topic better than other pages.

Google changed the face of search technology by evaluating a web page’s importance by the links that pointed at it, both in sheer number and by how much Google trusted the sites those links came from.

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Check Out What’s Happening at Entreproducer

Image of Logo

I launched Entreproducer one year ago (to the day) as a multimedia email newsletter.

My idea was to — very publicly — lay out the experiences I’ve had running several successful online businesses, profile the entrepreneurs and companies that are pushing digital content innovation, and take a shot at sharing with where I think independent digital media is going.

After doing a bunch of writing over there (and taking a break to get some work done), Robert Bruce and I shifted into audio mode. We missed doing the Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio Show, but we also felt it was time for a slightly different angle on the business of content marketing and DIY digital media.

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Three Ways a Mobile Responsive Website Beats Using a Separate Mobile Site

Image of Metro Theme by StudioPress

It was a Sunday after WordCamp in 2011 that the three of us sat down to breakfast.

The dining room of the Parc 55 hotel was calm and sleepy, yet the conversation over coffee and eggs was anything but.

As sunlight poured in through the large picture windows, it was as if we were receiving a revelation that would set into motion one of the most ambitious changes in the StudioPress philosophy since the Genesis Framework for WordPress was conceived and created.

It was the beginning of the movement to transform all of our themes to respond to mobile devices.

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