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Teaching Sells

1. As you may have heard by now, Teaching Sells is shutting its doors to new members at the end of July (that’s this coming Thursday night, July 31) (UPDATE: Teaching Sells hit maximum capacity and is now closed). After 9 months of intense content creation and marketing the program, we’re going to simply focus on completing the courses for the members we’ve got. Then we’ll reorganize all of the content into a different training delivery format for next year.

You can still get in before we close, and enjoy all the new features and benefits we have planned at a much lower price. Check out the current 10 courses (plus several bonus courses) at this page. If you’re totally unfamiliar with Teaching Sells, read the free report first.

Blog Mastermind

2. On the other hand, Yaro Starak is re-opening his Blog Mastermind program after taking some time off. I met Yaro in Las Vegas not long ago, and he’s enthusiastic about teaching the course again. Check out this free video he’s released, and also take a look at this case study of one of his students who is now running a million-dollar blog.

I’ve recommended Yaro’s Blog Mastermind program in the past, and will continue to do so. Unlike some of the blogging-for-bucks charlatans out there, Yaro practices what he preaches, and his methods work.


3. Performancing Ads has launched. Many of you may remember that Performancing introduced an advertising service for bloggers well over a year ago, but it was shuttered after a management shake-up, which resulted in the sale of the company to SplashPress Media.

The smart people who now run Performancing have taken their time to get things right this time around. I’ve checked it out for Copyblogger and a few of my other sites, and it’s looking like a solid source of sponsors. See if it works for you. And if you’re looking to advertise on blogs, they’re offering incentives to get on board early.

That’s it… have a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back Monday with great new content.


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  1. says

    I just signed up with the performance ads site – though I’m not too impressed with it so far – I couldn’t see who the publishers are – and none of the featured sites seems to have sold any slots! I’ll wait and see how it turns out…

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