40 is the New 20

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Yes, it’s sad but true… today is my 40th birthday.

The good news is I don’t feel old. And I surely haven’t started acting my age… just ask anyone who has been around me this weekend.

So, I’m at an undisclosed location doing undisclosed things to celebrate this momentous occasion. But I wouldn’t think of leaving you without some links (after all, it’s better to give link love than receive… mostly).

Sketchcast — How to blog like John Madden.

Ten Tips for Lead Generation Landing Pages

29 reasons you need to stop blogging right now

100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.

If you think the average web user is sophisticated, read this…

Are you using the Mullet strategy when you go fishing for links?

Is blogging passive income? Yeah, right.

The Secret to Massive Digg/StumbleUpon Traffic Without Spamming.

How Darren produces video blog posts.

SEO is like music.

How to tell a story.

Why “dumb” people are making more money than you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Brian, enjoy your day.

  2. May you have many, many more birthdays to follow!

  3. Happy birthday, Brian!… hope you have a good one :)

  4. You gave me a link on your 40th birthday? Shouldn’t that be the other way round?

    Mine was two years ago, I have pretty much given up on trying to grow up and have decided to simply enjoy the ride.

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the link.

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Life starts @ 40 Brian. Cheers.

  7. Hi Brian!
    After 40, they can’t call you childish anymore — they have to call you eccentric! Congratulations! Now’s when the real fun begins!

    Thanks for everything.

  8. Happy B-Day Mister. Sweet posts you linked to :-)

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday Brian. Keep up the awesome work!

  11. Happy Birthday and thanks for thinking of us


    PS Love the last line!

  12. Happy Birthday – thanks for giving us so many “gifts” to unwrap! I always enjoy your copyblogger gifts

  13. Happy Birthday Brian. All the best and keep copyblogging for many more years.

  14. Happy birthday Brian! I’m a year into my forties and so far I’m finding it pretty fabulous.

    Thanks for the linky goodness!

  15. Brian,
    Happy Birthday! And here’s to the new 20!!

  16. Happy Birthday, Brian. 40 sounds so young … 😉


    And the new 50 is 40 !!!!!!!

  18. Congrats and Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good one!

  19. Hey, you’re just a kid and it gets better, I promise.

  20. Let’s go get some tacos…. (ie. watch out for number 47).

    Happy Birthday B.

  21. The future begins at 40. Yes it’s also the title of a blog post at CA.

    The undisclosed location tickled me 😉 I imagined someone filling your front yard with those cows or pigs or whatever they use with such good taste (not!). Oh yes, not I remember, it’s chicken. (I’m vegetarian).

  22. Hei Brian

    4-O is a grand age…!!
    Keep so well and swell.

  23. Happy Birthday B.

    I’m just 22 😉

  24. happy birthday mate!

    PS: can’t believe that last link hasn’t been commented upon yet :-)

  25. Happy Birthday buddy!

  26. Happy Birthday! Wish you many, many more!

  27. Happy B-Day, man. Hope you’re having a great time.

    @Darren – Me either 😉

  28. Happy birthday! If my experience is any indication, 40 is very freeing. Enjoy it!

  29. Happy Birthday. And when you reach 50 like me , 50 is like the new 30. I don’t feel old myself. Enjoy your day.

  30. Happy Birthday!

    Ben Mack
    aka JC’s friend

  31. Happy freakin’ birthday !

    Got any video of all this celebratin’ ?!

  32. If 40 is the new 20, does me being 30 translate to 10 or 15?

    Is it n-20 or n/2? Or is the function even linear?

    Happy Birthday in any case…

  33. Happy Birthday, Mate.

    What last link? Oh that link that points to TeachingSells.com, a domain owned by one B.Clark. 😉

  34. I have to agree, 40 is the new 20. I am not sure what this says about our generation, maybe we just don’t want to grow up.

    Anyway, enjoy your day.

  35. Hey Brian, Happy Birthday! My wife just hit that number recently and of course we reference it properly as the
    “second 20th” birthday. :)

    Hope you’re enjoying your self and thanks for including OMB in the link roundup.

  36. 40 is the new 20. Just make sure you live to over a 100. I hope keep blogging till then (or at least whatever replaces it).

  37. Happy birthday Brian. The 40s are great! And the 50s seem to be even better! Enjoy every moment.


  38. Brian,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you have many more inspiration filled years.

  39. Happy Birthday Clark. Have a great year ahead. 😀

  40. Happy Birthday Brian!

  41. Happy birthday

  42. Happy Birthday Brian! I hope you have a great day and a fabulous year.

  43. Happy Birthday, Brian!

    Glad to see you’re nowhere near acting your age! Keep it this way!

  44. Happy B’day

  45. Happy Birthday!

    May it be joyful and filled with excellent gifts; the company of your family first and foremost.

  46. Happy Birthday :-) I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up!

  47. Happy Birthday, Brian.

    My big 4-0 was Friday – so I came up with a fabulous-not-frumpy to-do list.


  48. Happy Birthday
    You’re only ever as old as you want to be
    I know 80 year olds who work like they are 20,
    and I know far too many twenty year olds who work as if they are 80
    It wasn’t until I was in my mid forties that I even found out what I wanted to be when I grow up.
    You’re doing a great job with the blog.
    Never grow old – simply ripen to maturity

  49. Brian, happy birthday.

    My 40th is tomorrow on the 2nd!

  50. Hi Brian.

    Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this blissful day…wherever you are :-).

  51. Brian,

    Don’t flatter yourself. 40 ain’t the new 20. Neither is 50 (closer to my age) the new 30, or the new 40 for that matter. I don’t care what Oprah says.

    Some wise “old” person once said, “The first half our of lives we spend all our health getting wealth. The last half we spend all our wealth getting health.”

    So, without trying to rain on your parade, happy birthday, stay fit and healthy, and have a drink on me!

  52. Happy 40th bro!

  53. Firstly, happy b-day. Secondly, as someone on the other side of your age coin (closer to 20 than 40) who gets technology, emerging media and advertising, I’m often finding that 20 is the new 40.

    The amount of access I often get to senior level executives across multiple fields (due in part to my early adopter and creative marketer hobbies and professional interests) would have been unheard of 15 years ago.

    Happy b-day, and I would rest assured knowing that in the great equalizer that is digital media, age is often irrelevant.

  54. Happy birthday, Brian.

    (Don’t click my name for your birthday greeting.)

  55. Happy Birthday!

    I hope you had a great one.

    As long as you’re living what you love, age is just a number!

  56. Hey, happy birthday! I am living proof you don’t have to act your age.

  57. Happy belated!

  58. Happy birthday Brian! I’m approaching 40 rapidly myself, and am glad to say that I can still embarass my kids.

  59. Happy Birthday! Glad it’s the new 20…I’ll be there next year

  60. Imagine you knew the stuff you know today when you were 20. Wow!

    Happy 40th Brian, may as well celebrate all through October!

  61. Nice article, and I read most of the links I think they’ll help my blog.

    I too am 20 again, and I get to put into action all the stuff I wish I knew when I was 20 the first time. Glad to have the 2nd chance…. :)

    I clicked here” Don’t click here. ” sorry could resist.

  62. They say turning 40 is better than the alternative. 😉 I hope you had a great birthday! Keep on feeling that 20.

  63. Thanks for the great content over the last year or so. Happy 40th. You rock!

  64. Happy Birthday dude!

  65. Happy birthday to you! I hit 40 this year too :)

  66. Happy birthday! I found 30 to be more traumatic than 40. Let’s hope 50 is even better!

  67. Selamat Hari Jadi! (which translates to: safe day that you came into existance) Happy Birthdat man.

  68. Welcome to 40. I just spent the week after my 40th birthday getting hip surgery, so I have been increasingly aware of health and age issues. But, now that I’m recovered, I’m determined to get out there better than before! Make the most of it!

  69. Happy Birthday!

    Did it hurt? My 40th is coming up in December :) .

    All the best, Eddie

  70. OK, why is everyone here almost 40? LOL..

    Happy Birthday Brian. I’m past 32, and reading all the comments here makes me feel better already. I guess I’m just waiting for the days when my kids will be too embarrassed to introduce me to their friends… :)

  71. Brian!

    Happy late birthday! Mine was on October 6th and I turned 42 and it is definitely the new 22. As Billy Crystal as Fernando Lamos on the old SNL says, “You look marvelous!”