5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

There’s something going around, and I don’t mean the crud my kids gave me last week.

It’s a mini-meme, and I’ve been tagged with it by Roberta, Jason, Neil, Chris and Joseph, so I must comply or risk being labeled anti-social in the social media world. :)

So here we go…

  1. I was featured in Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation.
  2. I played high school football, and in my senior year we were one win away from the state championship game when we lost to Odessa Permian (yes, that Odessa Permian) when they nailed a field goal with no time remaining on the clock. A lingering image of teenage boys crying on an icy field reminds me of how powerful our hopes and dreams can be, whether it’s a game, a hobby, or your life’s ambition.
  3. I read William Gibson’s Neuromancer in 1987, and that’s one of the main reasons why I jumped online in 1994.
  4. I came extremely close to death due to a snowboarding injury in 2005, and that’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog in January of 2006.
  5. My wife and I fell in love over email in 1997, even though we lived in the same city and worked for the same law firm, separated by just one floor of a high rise office building. Further proof that the written word works wonders, since she despised me when we first met (or at least that’s her story). :)

Let’s hear 5 unknown things from these fine folks: David, Loren (must do video), Chris (must be something *I* don’t know), Scott (long shot), and Aaron.

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  1. I understand, I was a little ticked at Joseph when he tagged me, but you know they are such nice guys over there at sellsius that wrote my five, and I honestly and truely do not like writing about myself. I have to admitt it has been a lot of fun, just kind of seeing where it will all lead. I am glad we did it on the weekend because I may not have time to play games on Monday.

  2. You are the ultimate gentleman and good guy. With all your fame (dare I say) you have not lost your sense of community. Thanks for sharing with us Brian.
    All the best to you and your family for the holidays and always.

  3. I’m with you on #5. Hubby and I met online in 1988 in the pre-internet, private subscription online world. (I did the copywriting for the advertising team that launched GEnie in 1986. This service was a way for General Electric to make a little dough in the evenings/weekends off their mainframes.)

    It was all talk at 1200 baud, but it was fine :=)

    Thanks for not minding the tagging too much. Very gracious.

  4. Not a problem. It’s only a bit of a worry because I preach “focus on the readers” and “stay on topic” so much.

    But a personal touch every now and then is good, right? :)

  5. Something about a story … :=)

  6. What position?

  7. What position?


  8. Sign me up for the minimeme. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I just updated your tags at the blog tag tree!

  10. Still snowboard? I would love to hear the snowboarding story sometime.

  11. Did you ever have 4 touchdowns in one game?


  12. Thanks Brian for this wonderful honor of choosing me as somebody you’d like to know more about. I hate you. The video is up.

  13. Ha ha ha… classic. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. :)


  14. I was memed twice on my Active Rain blog and then again on my Sacramento blog. I feel for ya…nice to read a little something about you, though…it puts a human touch behind the emails that I get from you. It’s amazing how many people out there have met their mates on the web. I wonder what the stats would indicate for the population that have met on-line.

    I enjoy reading you. Many times you give me some great ideas. Happy holidays.

  15. Aww how nice of you:) I’m going to join your little social party, by visiting all the links you put in this post!

  16. So far I’ve managed to somehow avoid this meme. As it gets closer and closer to home (hit both Darren and Aarren in the last few days) I’m doubting I’ll get away scott free though :(