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  1. good, basic stuff!


  2. The timing on this post couldn’t be better – especially after the day I had with WordPress today. The Tubetorials are very good – everyone should watch – especially if you think you know it all.

  3. I’ll admit to being more than a little disappointed with the content of that.

    I was expecting something a bit more interesting or different based on the links here. It was all just basic info, all of which I’ve either already done or had been considering.

    I like what CopyBlogger has to offer, but I don’t really consider what was linked to here all that excellent unfortunately.

    Any other more advanced tips along this same line?

  4. Andrew,

    I had a video series on cold fusion ready, but I’ve decided to hold that one back until ’07.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of service.

  5. >>I had a video series on cold fusion ready…

    Ha! Cold fusion jokes always make me laugh. :)

  6. Andrew,

    It looks like there is an available, untapped market of “advanced” video content ready for you to tap. Purchase Camtasis studio, spend 10 hours making one video, and let us know when you post it. We are however, laying the basic foundations right now, as we should do, and will get to the advanced stuff probably before you finish, but please my all means make an attempt anyway. :)


  7. Interesting, but too bad I use blogger.