Leave it to a Brit to say it best:

New York still remains the greatest city in the world. That must really bug America-haters everywhere. 

Thanks, Hugh.

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    There’s always talk about growing your email list and building strong relationships with your subscribers…

    Well, I feel the same way about the email list of my close friends.

    This morning I sent an email to all of them saying “I thank God you’re in my life.”

    I feel that way every day…but with today being 9-11 and all, I thought I should tell them.

    Now that’s a list I want to send to often…the folks who’ve opted-in to my life. The people I love. The relationships that matter most to me.

    Thanks Brian and Hugh.

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    Peter, Hugh lived in NYC for awhile, but is British by birth and current residency:

    “[Hugh] grew up in the UK, but went to New York to pursue a Madison Avenue career. ‘New York stress was beginning to get to me. I thought I would just take a couple months off. And then 9/11 put that plan on hold.'”

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    That is an awesome scribble drawing, I’ve never been to new york but I admire the artwork. I can’t believe 9/11 was five years ago. I’m in Baghdad right now and I’m sure that the artwork above would REALLY bug the America-haters here haha…


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