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Chief Content Officers.

Tin foil hat marketing.

The future of content marketing, and the CIA reading your tweets.

It was a hell of week out there, and below you’ll find just a fraction of it pertaining to this business. Due to popular demand, I’ve trimmed things down to nine links (not including a look back at this week in Copyblogger).

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OK, on with it …

What’s a Chief Content Officer For?
From teens on Facebook, to editors of major news organizations, content drives the digital medium. Does a professional content strategy then need a dedicated executive guiding it?


Why Twitter Could Win the Online Identity Race
You might think Facebook has the social identity game locked up. There’s a few good reasons why Twitter may take them in the end.


Better Marketing Through Better Listening
Turns out the best way to get to the who, what, and where of your content plan is … to listen.


4 Clear Facts About the Future of Digital Content
Common sense rules here. Number 3 is the killer in my book.


3 Lessons From the Launch of The Verge
There’s been a lot of talk about this monster tech site in the last few days. Is The Verge a new model for independent journalism?


Interface Design is Copywriting
“… words mean everything in the interface. Every single word you choose is important …” The writer runs this show, etc.


Why Your Good Content Continues to Fail
Have you realized yet that you need to “market your marketing”? This is no cute little word play, but the difference between being in the game and on the sideline.


These 6 Mistakes Will Kill Your Product Launch
“Entrepreneurs are overachievers, which is a good thing, but it can spell trouble when it comes to launch time.”


The CIA is Following Up to 5 Million Tweets a Day
Make of this what you will.

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About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Copywriter and Resident Recluse.

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  1. says

    Interesting article all around. I found the Forbes article especially interesting. The idea that content should be created by writers instead of marketers, while obvious in hindsight, is something I had never really contemplated.

  2. Corduroy Townsend says

    I like the LEDE. Thank you. One request: make it so the links open in a separate window.

  3. says

    Oh! Very valuable information is presented here through the above links. I came to know lot of important points about marketing. Thanks for sharing this post.

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