The Art of Seductive Writing: A Conversation with Robert Greene

Robert Greene is the bestselling writer of some of the most legendary nonfiction books of his generation.

The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law (with rapper 50 Cent), and …

The Art of Seduction.

Though much of his work can be applied directly to good writing, business, and marketing online, it’s the principles of seduction that can seal the deal between you and your audience.

So grab a coffee and come on in, the water’s just fine …

In this episode Robert Greene and I discuss:

  • How to connect your readers with your words more deeply
  • The “Death Ground” strategy of getting things done
  • Why gaining attention is more important than ever
  • Is it too late? Has your “last chance” passed you by?
  • How suspenseful storytelling can create a raving audience
  • What suffering has to do with creativity
  • The simple way to become a better writer

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The Show Notes:

About the Author: Robert Bruce is Copyblogger Media’s Chief Copywriter and Resident Recluse.

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  1. Robert, what a “get” – and a great interview.
    Robert Greene has written two of my favorite books: “Death and Life of Philosophy,” which made all those years in college snap into focus for me – and his book with the rapper 50 Cent is brilliant – for fellow marketers, it’s a must-read.
    Thank you to both Roberts!

  2. Wow! This is incredibly helpful and interesting. Thank you so much for a fabulous podcast with a tremendous resource!

  3. Robert, thanks for this fantastic interview. Robert Greene is one of my favorite authors and I am elated to have heard this interview. I smiled when he said creative work required a little bit of suffering.
    Thanks again for this top quality content. It was the number one part of my RSS feed today. (Don’t worry, even without Mr. Greene Copyblogger regularly ranks in the top 3!)

  4. If anyone is interested, the 50th Law of Power with rapper 50 cent is actually a great book. Absolutely amazing information, and an absolutely great success story involved.

    I enjoy all of Greene’s work

  5. One thing I love about Copyblogger is that y’all (sorry, Texan here) always find such interesting ways to incorporate other kinds of writing across the spectrum of copywriting and content. Interviewing Robert Greene is a stellar example. Keep it up!

  6. Fantastic interview, Robert + Robert :D I used to be averse to Greene’s stuff because of how manipulative it felt, but I grew and I find his childhood ‘carry-people-along’ metaphor to be super-beautiful, as well as his suspenseful story-telling.

    Eagerly awaiting his book ‘Mastery.’

    Thanks again for this man, really valuable!

  7. Robert has always managed to tie together concepts and human insights in all his books. 50th Law is probably my favourite of his books too – and is hugely inspiring… (you don’t need to enjoy 50’s music either as that has very little to do with the books ‘fear nothing’ ideas).

    The chapter on the soft sell towards the end of ‘The Art of Seduction’ is directly applicable to web marketing.


  8. Thanks to both Roberts for this interview, great stuff. :)

  9. not one of the better episodes of the show. I don’t think Robert Greene understood the audience he was speaking to here.

  10. Last month I stumbled upon Robert Greene while searching for 50 Cent’s book. I downloaded everything he had on Audible .com and listened to the Seduction book twice. I wondered who he was and mostly how the heck he’d come to partner w/ 50 cents. I also thought if 50 thought he was cool, he much be the stuff. Last week I stumbled across Copyblogger. I sat out to learn all I could before I start my upcoming blog and read in someone’s post that if you call yourself a content ‘writer and you weren’t reading Copyblogger you were the world’s biggest loser! Ok, I paraphrase. Even so, I made a beeline to your sight. I’ve been reading your site nonstop for a week until my eyes ache and I can’t believe the wealth of info and insight and wisdom and direction you offer. I’m stunned. I’m manic to read it all before it goes away- surely, it’s too good to stay. Today when I logged in with my rice cake and coke, I couldn’t believe you were doing AUDIO with Bob Greene! I die. I pee my pants…just a little. I couldn’t help it. I was so excited. And it was great! I’m so happy. I’m going to listen again tomorrow. Your questions were great and you actually let him talk! O, joy. I just wanted to say, thank you.You’re putting good into the universe and the gods like that a lot. :-) Be well.

  11. I’ve always been a fan of Robert Greene. I especially loved the art of seduction as well as his work with 50cent.
    I will most certainly enjoy this pod-cast as well. Thanks!

  12. awesome stuff. this is what makes copy blogger great, in my opinion. always been a fan of robert, and especially like his work with 50c.

  13. Robert Greene, My Master.