Four Simple Steps to More Blog Subscribers

Do you know the quickest, simplest way to get more subscribers to your blog?

The answer is to ask them to subscribe, and make it as easy as possible.

Wow. That’s way too obvious, right?

And yet, day in and day out, I see bloggers who not only fail to ask for the subscription, they downright make it difficult to subscribe. I’ve literally had to poke around on some blogs just trying to find a way to get the content delivered.

Most people won’t do that. And I’ve ended up ditching plenty of blogs because it was too much of a hassle.

So, believe it or not, you can gain an advantage over your competition by simply making it easier to subscribe. The successful conversion of visitors to subscribers is in no small part related to simple usability and motivation adjustments.

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Where’s the Money in Blogging?

Building Your Fan Club

The money’s not in your archives.

The money’s not in your Technorati rank.

The money’s not in your Google juice.

The money’s not in being on the A-List.

The money’s not in AdSense.

There is money in page views at this point, but you’ll need a whole, whole bunch of them (which means you’ll need a whole, whole bunch of return visits).

Since the old days of mail order sales, magazine subscriptions, and all the way up to permission email marketing, there’s a saying that remains true, even for bloggers.

The money’s in the list.

But blogging actually provides so much more than a simple subscriber list of people to market to. Blogging allows for interactive relationships that force you to be your best, all while allowing your message to spread virally.

So, when it comes to blogging…

The money’s in your fan club.

Sound like the start of a new tutorial, right?

And this one is soooo money. :)

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Free Link Love

Are there any three sweeter words to the ear of a blogger?

One of the points I really wanted to stress in my free Viral Copy report was that linking out often to others was one of the key secrets to blogging success. It may be counterintuitive, but it’s the engine that drives the blogosphere.

Quite a few people have been making it a point to promote free and open linking. There’s Chris Pearson’s Indie Virus, Easton Ellsworth’s Blog Tipping and most recently Mike Siger’s Link Leak Project. And uber-trooper Liz Strauss basically devotes half of her blog to pointing out others who may be under the radar.

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They Laughed When He Ran Away From the Basket… Until He Sank the Three Pointer!


Why would a 7-foot-tall forward in the NBA bother taking shots from way back behind the three point line?

Because he makes them.

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Your Unique Story Proposition

You’ve likely heard of the need for a “unique selling proposition” (USP) in order to be successful in business. In essence, a USP is something that you offer customers or clients that your competitors do not.

Another way to think of your USP is as a “remarkable benefit.”

In direct response copywriting, the USP runs throughout the sales letter. It’s the unique promise that is

  1. contained in the headline;
  2. elaborated on in the body copy; and
  3. ultimately fulfilled by your offer.

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1,000 Marketing Conversations

Eric Mattson is an American marketer living in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s decided to do something very interesting with his blog.

Eric’s goal is to perform 1,000 interviews with people involved in marketing and social media. For example, earlier this month he interviewed Richard Edelman of Edelman PR about blogging and why the social evolution of the web is the great equalizer for public relations.

Now, with such an ambitious goal, you’ve got to expect some filler. So following up his chat with Edelman is an interview with . . . yours truly.

Seriously, I had a lot of fun talking to Eric about a whole range of subjects, including SEO, internet marketing, blogging, and copywriting. He’s a great guy, and the podcast came out pretty well, especially when you consider that he was on Skype and I was on a cell phone.

Check it out, and you may also want to sign up for the feed to catch future installments.

I’m sure Eric will get back to interviewing important people soon. :)