Going Off Road to Sell

Blogging creates relationships. From a psychological standpoint, it puts readers in the proper mood to buy.

Your blog creates a positive mental frame through which people will view their first entry into your sales process.

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Create the Perfect Buying Environment

People hate to be sold. But they love to buy.

Yes, they want to buy from you. Really!

If a visitor stops by your blog with a relevant want or a need, they’re looking to you to solve it.

Another visitor might even have a want or need created by something you’ve said with your blog.

People want to buy. They need you to establish that it’s OK to do so!

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Mention the word “selling” in the context of a blog, and some people will immediately have a bad reaction. It’s almost as if you said something sacrilegious.

Why? Because we hate to be “sold.”

People go online for information. Many times the information sought is needed to ultimately support a buying decision.

Blogs are perceived to be safe ground for information seekers.

Blogs are effective because frequent posting in your area of expertise creates a high touch, authoritative relationship with a prospect that a static “brochure” website simply cannot achieve. Plus, the nature of blogging reveals more of your personality than stuffy corporate communications allow, meaning prospects have an opportunity to take a liking to you.

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