To Be or Not to Be?

Copywriting 101

Now that’s a question.

The first six words of Hamlet’s Act III, Scene 1 soliloquy are without doubt the most famous line William Shakespeare ever wrote. It’s also one of the most recognizable quotes in the English-speaking world.

And not a single word over three letters long.

The lesson? Keep it simple. Good copy is written in clear, concise, simple words that get your point across. It’s conversational.

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SEO Copywriting is Dead

Before we get further into our “Copywriting 101” series of posts, I thought I’d tell you what NOT to expect.

If you’re here looking for tips on SEO copywriting for your blog, you’ll want to look elsewhere. But you’re probably wasting your time.

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Fame, Love, Redemption, Violence…

Given the topic of today’s article, I just had to link to this Times Online (UK) article (via Seth Godin). Seth calls it the “headline of the year,” and I have to agree it’s an excellent example of a compelling attention grabber:

Eminem remarries sweetheart he vowed to murder

Even if you don’t give a flip about Eminem, how do you resist reading that story?

Want to write compelling post titles? Appeal to the recurring themes that define our humanity.

Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets It!

Copywriting 101

Poor Fluffy. I asked you not to do this, and you’ve gone and broken the rules.

Things don’t look good for this cute little kitten I’ve taken hostage in case my demands were not met. She is awfully sweet, though.

We’ll just have to wait until later on in the article to decide the fate of Fluffy. But first, we really do need to discuss the ultimate goal of good copywriting.

Stick with me and I’ll go easy on the cat, deal?

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Going Off Road to Sell

Blogging creates relationships. From a psychological standpoint, it puts readers in the proper mood to buy.

Your blog creates a positive mental frame through which people will view their first entry into your sales process.

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Create the Perfect Buying Environment

People hate to be sold. But they love to buy.

Yes, they want to buy from you. Really!

If a visitor stops by your blog with a relevant want or a need, they’re looking to you to solve it.

Another visitor might even have a want or need created by something you’ve said with your blog.

People want to buy. They need you to establish that it’s OK to do so!

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