How to Become a Content Marketing Expert

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You hear everyone talking about online content marketing, because with today’s Internet-empowered prospect, content marketing is what works.

And yet, you may be struggling with creating content that works for your business or your clients. Or maybe you’re just trying to take your game to the next level.

There’s a lot to learn, and even then you’re left asking potentially expensive and time-consuming questions:

  • How do I apply this particular strategy for my business?
  • Is this a solid idea, and how should I execute it?
  • Has anyone taken this approach before, and what were the results?

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Scribe for Microsoft Word: Content Marketing from Your Desktop

Scribe for Microsoft Word: Content Marketing from Your Desktop

Let’s face it: a lot of us still write in Microsoft Word. I know I do.

And in the corporate world, it’s not even an option. Microsoft apps are just what you use.

Why not do more at the point of creation?

You can already use our Scribe content marketing software in WordPress, Joomla, and in our web-based application for any CMS and any client. Today, you’ve got another option.

We’re pleased to announce Scribe for Microsoft Word. Now you can do research, optimization, and content promotion right in your native creation environment.

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Grab Every Premium WordPress Theme We Make at One Irresponsibly Low Price …

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This promotion is over. Thanks everyone!

It’s been one long winter, so we’ve decided to put together one crazy deal to help you celebrate the arrival of spring. Ready?

Until this Friday, you can grab …

  • The Genesis Framework for WordPress
  • All 42 of our StudioPress child themes
  • 12 bonus WordPress themes
  • And, every single theme we make in the future

for only $299.95.

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How to Create Content That Converts

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It’s time for another installment in our series of free content marketing ebooks.

Last time, we talked about content marketing strategy. Specifically, a 7-step framework that mapped out who you want to reach and what business objectives you want to meet.

That strategy is centered around authority. In this sense, authority means becoming the likeable subject matter expert and thought leader who people listen to, and Google loves.

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Site Sensor: Website Monitoring for Content Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

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Any of this sound familiar?

  • You find out your site has been down for over an hour … from cranky people on Twitter and Facebook.
  • What about missing out on that time-sensitive request for proposal, because your email server wasn’t pulling new mail?
  • Is your payment processer down right now and you don’t have a clue, because the rest of your site is up and looks fine, but no one can buy?

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Check Out What’s Happening at Entreproducer

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I launched Entreproducer one year ago (to the day) as a multimedia email newsletter.

My idea was to — very publicly — lay out the experiences I’ve had running several successful online businesses, profile the entrepreneurs and companies that are pushing digital content innovation, and take a shot at sharing with where I think independent digital media is going.

After doing a bunch of writing over there (and taking a break to get some work done), Robert Bruce and I shifted into audio mode. We missed doing the Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio Show, but we also felt it was time for a slightly different angle on the business of content marketing and DIY digital media.

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