Copywriting Essentials from A to Z

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Where do you begin?

I wondered that as a fresh-faced, new copywriter, staring at the blank page and a phone that wouldn’t ring.

There was so much information online — and I didn’t know where to start.

Today I offer you the guide I wish I’d had back then: an A to Z of the absolute essentials of copywriting — plus a good bit of further reading for each.

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The Foolproof Cure for Weak Content: 4 Ways to Get Some Perspective


When I was fifteen, I wrote a novel. I thought it was pretty good, and daydreamt about literary stardom.

Fast forward ten years. I recently found my old notebooks and read that novel over again. And … let’s just say it wasn’t as good as I remembered, and leave it at that.

It’s amazing what a difference perspective makes.

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Dragon Slaying 101: How to Use
Heroic Language to Battle Boring Copy

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Ever found your eyes glazing over when you read through your own copy or blog posts?

I hate to break it to you, but a lot of the products, services, or niches that we write about just aren’t that thrilling. Although the finer points of search engine optimization might keep you glued to your screen, most of your clients or blog readers aren’t feeling the excitement.

So what can you do?

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Are Vampire Words Sucking the Life
Out of Your Writing?


Vampires are everywhere at the moment. At the movies (Twilight), on your TV (True Blood) … and in your copy.

It’s nothing new. E.B. White recognised the problem in his revision of Strunk’s Elements of Style:

“Rather, very, little, pretty – these are the leeches that infest the pond of prose, sucking the blood of words.”

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The Amazing Spider-Man Guide to
Responsible Word Power


As all writers know, words are immensely powerful. You can make readers laugh or cry with fewer than a hundred of them. You can part people from their money. You can make someone’s day. You can change the course of lives.

And you don’t have to be Spider-Man to know that “with great power comes great responsibility.” But why not let ol’ Spidey give us some tips for responsible word power?

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