3 Ways the Magic of Dr. Seuss Can Help You Create Unforgettable Copy

Theodor Seuss Geisel sitting at his desk

Great copywriters hook readers in word by word, line by line.

Like renowned fiction writers, even children’s book writers, great copywriters know how to make content so addictive, it’s nearly impossible to put down.

They know how to write the kind of copy that can stay with their audience for years.

Let’s add a little bit of this kind of power into your own writing, right now …

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5 Tips on the Effective Use of Copywriting Swipe Files

Image of Vintage File Cabinets

Smart copywriters use good tools to make themselves more productive, and one of those “power” tools is the swipe file.

Used properly, it can get you writing quickly, provide inspiration, and improve your copywriting skills.

But what if you don’t use a swipe file correctly?

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5 Things Every Copywriter Needs to Know About Their Prospects

Image of The Art of Dramatic Writing Book Cover

What do you really know about your prospect?

Their age range perhaps? Where they live? What they do for a living?

Useful definitely, but not enough to create copy that rouses emotion and compels action.

For that we need to take a journey much deeper into the dark recesses of our customers’ minds …

Want to join me?

Today’s article is inspired by someone who understood that in writing, how well you knew your ‘characters’ made the difference between captivating an audience, or boring them.

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What Does it Take to Write a Billion-Dollar Marketing Story?

image of handwritten note

In 1984, two artists used a simple process to create a story that captivated an audience for years and generated billions of dollars in revenue.

That same process is being used today by a master copywriter to attract hundreds of thousands of paying subscribers.

With companies creating millions of web pages of content marketing, finding an untold story or a new angle can feel like an impossible task. Especially when you want to avoid creating a story so unique nobody understands it … or wants to pay for it.

So how do you create a story that cuts through the noise and strikes at the heart of your ideal client?

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3 Psychological Triggers that Can Move Your Audience from Indifference to Desire

image of vintage 3 key

I’d like to tell you about a powerful but elusive emotion that you can trigger to increase traffic, click-throughs, and conversions.

Used properly, it can entice your reader to give you their full attention and follow your call to action.

But there’s a catch.

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Sickly Sales Page? Try These 3 Copywriting Remedies

image of woman sneezing

Say you’ve been feeling under the weather for a few days, and you decide to go to the doctor.

The moment you open the door to your doctor’s office, she takes one quick look at you, thrusts a prescription into your hands, and slams the door in your face.

No check-up, no conversation, just a bottle of pills and her bill in the mail.

Are you confident she’s given you the solution — the correct medicine — you need to make you feel better?

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