The State of Facebook: What’s Working Now

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You may have noticed some of your fellow business owners are getting just a little bit fed up with Facebook.

If you’re trying to use it to grow your business online, you may have joined them. You might be tired of the moving target that Facebook marketing presents. You might be annoyed at new “features” that seem to make the experience worse, not better.

And of course, lots of people are talking about the latest aggravation — the question of whether or not your Page’s updates, images, and links are reaching enough of your fans.

But there are things that are still working — and working well — on Facebook. So if you’re going to stick with it, let’s get into what does work.

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4 Simple Steps to a Facebook Timeline that Tells Your Marketing Story

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So how about that new Facebook Timeline?

Love it? Hate it? Either way it’s here to stay (until it isn’t).

As always, Facebook loves to change things up and people love to kvetch about it. You can always use new Facebook Features to improve your marketing, so how can you use the Facebook Timeline to your advantage? Read on.

First, a few facts about the Facebook Timeline. The Timeline only affects personal profiles at the moment. Facebook has not announced when (or even if) they will roll the new Timeline look out to Facebook Pages.

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How to Use 3 New Facebook Features for Better Social Media Marketing

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Facebook likes to keep us on our toes, right?

They continue to evolve, thanks in part to the new competition from Google+. Facebook introduced three new features recently, including improved Photos, the Ticker, and Top News.

The buzz surrounding Google+ is forcing Facebook to improve their features and differentiate their offering. Competition is good.

But make no mistake, Facebook continues to dominate the social media scene. They recently had half a billion people log in on a single day. With those kinds of numbers, Facebook is still the big dog and still a smart place to reach customers.

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5 Great Reasons to Start Your Facebook Page Right Now

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With all the chatter over the weekend about the debut of Google Plus, you’d think this article would be about the newest and shiniest social network from the search giant.

But for now, we’ll let the tech types and early adopters play with Google Plus and go ahead and make sure your business is being seen where the people are.

We’re talking 700 million people — that’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts. With those kind of numbers, even Copyblogger couldn’t resist creating a Facebook Page.

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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing

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I’ve just finished writing Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies with two fabulous co-authors (Amy Porterfield and Phyllis Khare) and we’ve been neck-deep in Facebook for the last 9 months.

Even Copyblogger is on Facebook now. Do you have your Facebook Page yet?

For a platform that’s used by hundreds of millions of people, Facebook can be kind of … complicated. Particularly if you use it for business. So let’s get you some specific how-to advice so you can get rolling without getting frustrated.

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