3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sweat Email Unsubscribes

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Do you take it personally when someone unsubscribes from your list?

You’re a smart content marketer, and you know that building a qualified list of email subscribers is an important part of your overall online strategy.

But as you build your list (and consistently send out useful, compelling content), you’re inevitably going to lose some of those subscribers.

A lot of email marketers take it very personally when people drop off their list. They fret and sweat over every lost reader.

But I argue that there are many reasons why you want to celebrate — not mourn — when someone unsubscribes from your list.


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Keyword Research for Web Writers and Content Producers

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A lot of website owners are taking a “ready, fire, aim” approach to search engine optimization.

They optimize their content like crazy — putting keywords in their post text, titles and subtitles, and anywhere else they think Google might look.

Here’s the trouble, though — if you don’t do your research before you begin your optimization efforts, you might as well be shooting arrows into the wind. Because all the optimization in the world won’t help you if you have no clear idea of what terms you really want to rank for in the search engines.

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Case Study: How a Self-Published Author and Blogger Negotiated a Six-Figure Traditional Book Deal

Content Marketing Case Studies | copyblogger.com
I discovered Torre DeRoche’s fun and exciting blog a few years back, when she was in the process of self-publishing her book, Love with a Chance of Drowning.

Since then, Torre has taken the international publishing world by storm.

Shortly after she self-published her book, Torre was “discovered” by film producers and publishers via social media, and negotiated lucrative book deals with Hyperion (in North America) and Penguin (in Australia). A film adaptation of her story is also in the works.

I’m delighted to report that her book is one of the most fun, inspiring memoirs I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Pick it up today, and enjoy the ride.

Today, Torre joins us here for a Copyblogger Case Study, to share her story of love, independent content production, adventure, and fear …

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Case Study: How a Corporate Consultant Built a Thriving Business with Content

Content Marketing Case Studies | copyblogger.com

When I met Jen Waak at a group dinner for women bloggers during the South by Southwest conference, I was impressed with her warm, engaging personality.

Then she stood up from the table and (with Sonia Simone’s help) demonstrated what a good kettlebell swing technique looked like — and I noticed what an amazing athlete she is, as well!

Jen is a smart entrepreneur with a much-needed message. What she teaches is simple, yet powerful — that just because we sit behind desks all day doesn’t mean we can’t also take good care of our bodies, and do everything we can do stay healthy and pain-free.

Let’s dig into Jen’s entrepreneurial story, and find out how agile content creation helped her discover her calling, built her audience, and turned her niche blog into a thriving business …

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Case Study: How Two Artists Used Online Content to Build their Face to Face Business

Content Marketing Case Studies | copyblogger.com

Colorado-based artists, Lori Wostl and Lorri Flint, noticed that when they attended huge art retreats, the experience was more stressful than relaxing.

So, they founded their business — Art Camp for Women — in order to provide a fun, supportive, relaxing camp adventure for their participants.

They started a blog in order to help them market their camps, and got a sweet surprise a few years later when a huge national magazine called to offer them some amazing exposure.

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3 Quick Ways to Perk Up Your Email Marketing Efforts

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At a recent social media marketing conference I attended, I was surprised to hear one particular topic kept coming up over and over again, in almost every session I attended.

It wasn’t Google+. It wasn’t Pinterest. It wasn’t Instagram.

It was email marketing.

Yep. At a major social media marketing conference — where one might assume we’d be focusing on social networking trends — we were talking about how to get more subscribers to our email mailing lists.

Of course, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ got lots of attention, too. But the central message was clear — email is still important, it’s not going away anytime soon, and you need to make sure you’re still giving list-building the attention it deserves.

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