3 Online Marketing Tips
from a Traveling Entrepreneur

Image of Vintage Map of Denmark

When we last traveled together, we learned a few things about business from Asian food carts, ancient ruins in Peru, and Chinese dumpling shops.

You picked up handy souvenirs for your business like getting started as soon as possible, creating a catalog, and getting personal with your customers.

On today’s tour, we’ll be visiting the remote outpost of Siberia, stylish apartments in Denmark, and discover why you can find an Irish pub in every city in the world.

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3 Business Lessons You Can Use
from a Globetrotting Entrepreneur

Image of Vintage Map of Thailand

When we last traveled together, we learned a few things about business from Mongol warriors, Belgian chefs, and postmasters in Antarctica.

You picked up a few valuable “souvenirs” for your website — like properly welcoming your customers, managing expectations, and limiting your expertise.

On today’s tour, we’ll be visiting Thai food markets, Chinese dumpling shops, and ancient Peruvian ruins to learn three important business lessons.

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The Exotic Entrepreneur’s 3-Step Guide
to Growing Your Business Online

image of vintage map of mongolia

What can Mongolian hospitality, the post office in Antarctica, and a Belgian pommes frites chef teach you about growing your business?

Well, you could take the long way around to the answer by dusting off your passport, selling everything you own, and wandering the world for the next two years.

But, to save you the awkward family questions we got from doing that very thing (You want to do what?!), I’ve boiled it down for you into a quick, 3-part series of lessons from around the globe.

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Magic Mike’s Guide to Seducing Your Audience (and Leave Them Panting for More)

image of magic mike cast

What can a movie about a male stripper teach you about engaging your audience and giving them what they really want?

With a fistful of dollars and a few free evenings you could probably work it out on your own, but to save you an embarrassing conversation with your spouse or accountant, I’m going to give you a shortcut.

All the lessons you need to know are available in the new movie Magic Mike, the tale of a male stripper at a popular club in Tampa who trains his fellow dancers in the art of seducing from the stage.

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