Off the Grid

If anyone noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here (please lie and say you did!), it’s because I took a little impromptu R&R.

And I left the laptop at home.

Now, for some people, that may not sound strange. For me, it’s like leaving home without an appendage.

But it was great, and it was much needed. I had some wonderful insights on the projects I have going, and came away with a fresh perspective on some challenges that I’ve been wrestling with.

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Link Baiting, New York Times Style

The blogosphere has been abuzz this weekend and today over this New York Times article, which covers the need to think about search engines when writing headlines. The article laments a reporter’s need to now write headlines for three groups: editors, readers, and Google.

Bloggers latched on to the story, with some seeming a bit gleeful that another old media practice is being forced to undergo some adaptation due to the Internet. The topic spent most of yesterday at the top of the Tech section of Memeorandum, and it was back up there again this morning.

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Why Emotion Matters

image of story graphic

Does the best man always win?

Or the best woman, the best product, or the most worthy cause?

Last month, one of the more popular viral videos that made the rounds was that of performer Chris Bliss. Chris juggled three balls in an elaborate routine that seemed like it might fall apart at any moment, creating a suspenseful spectacle that prompted a standing ovation when he made it all the way through without a slip.

Once the video became popular online, juggler Jason Garfield released a parody of the Bliss video, but instead juggling 5 balls and making it look effortless. Jason is so technically proficient, he could likely add another ball and close his eyes without a slip.

So, the better man wins, right?

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Go Blog Wild With Andy Wibbels

There have been a whole slew of blogging for business books released lately. But I’ve been holding out for this one.

Andy Wibbels has written the small business blogging book. Called Blog Wild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging, this book aims at the people I’m most interested in seeing succeed with blogging — the small businesses, the solo professionals, and the entrepreneurs.

I’m not convinced that big business can hugely benefit from blogging. But I know first hand that small enterprises can absolutely add directly to the bottom line with a blog. This book introduces you to smart blogging techniques for small businesses and entrepreneurs, so you can avoid the trial and error.

Today’s the release date, and Andy will throw in a $50 discount on some of his advanced products, but only if you buy today.

UPDATE: Looks like Andy extended the $50 discount.

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The Long and Short of Copywriting

Copywriting 101

They’re some of the most often-asked questions about copywriting.

Long or short copy, which works best? What about headlines?

The correct answer usually drives people crazy, which is…

Whatever works.

Before you start throwing things at me, I’ll elaborate.

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My Web 2.0 Project

Updated Breaking News: Read all the way down!

After an extensive campaign by Publishing 2.0’s Scott Karp and Prince Campbell of Chartreuse (with me behind the scenes and in the comments) designed to eliminate MySpace as a competitor, the three of us can finally announce the stealth project we’ve been working on for months.

And I’m also proud to announce that we will be joining the 9Rules Network from Day 1!

Scott, Prince and I could not be more excited. We think that the brains behind 9Rules will provide us with valuable insight on this project, well beyond the traffic and exposure that the network provides.

We’re negotiating with Scott Baradell for PR services (after being turned down cold, due to lack of capacity, by the new powerhouse of the industry, Pepper Rubel.

Of course our project is still in Beta, and of course it’s invitation only, so if you’re interested, sign up for the launch list to score an invite.

Check it out.

P.S. April Fools (go ahead and click the orange button after the click through… it won’t hurt, I promise!)
P.P.S. :)

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