4 Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations

how to write a compelling audio presentation

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on April 2, 2009. We’re running it again today to show you how to take advantage of the powerful combination of copywriting and audio content.

There’s nothing easier than audio content, right? Just fire up your recording software or teleseminar service and start talking away.

Well, sure … but “easy to create” doesn’t guarantee anyone will listen (or keep listening).

Take some time to structure and prepare for your recording, however, and you can crank out exceptionally engaging audio content that still only takes a fraction of the time that polished writing would.

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What to Do When You Absolutely, Positively Must Know if Your Content Will Rock

nobody knows anything ... except the audience

Ever had a great idea, and then started to doubt yourself?

Or maybe you’ve already executed on that great idea, but you’re hesitating to launch. Maybe it’s an article, or an ebook, or a new product or service.

How can you be sure it will work? Should you ask for feedback?

I’ll answer both of those questions in this article, but first I need to tell you a couple of stories from the nutty worlds of music and film.

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Last Week to Save on Authority Rainmaker 2015

image of Seth Godin opening Authority Intensive 2014 while Brian Clark looks on — this week is your last week to get the Early Bird Price on tickets to Authority Rainmaker 2015

We call Authority Rainmaker a different kind of online marketing conference … and that’s for many good reasons.

Rather than a multi-track free-for-all that requires you to choose between sessions and gamble on what’s worth your precious time, Authority Rainmaker is a cohesive two-day presentation in itself. The four segments—design, content, traffic, and conversion—provide an integrated bundle of tactics within a broader strategic approach to effective online marketing.

And there’s no “call for speakers.” We handpick each industry expert, and then collaborate with them individually to deliver the perfect piece of the broader puzzle.

It’s more work, and worth it — judging from the response we got from last year’s attendees and speakers. In fact, two of this year’s session topics were overhauled in the last two weeks to ensure the most current and relevant information possible.

Finally, the agenda is set. Head over and check it out for yourself. Also, we have discounted hotel rooms still available, but not for long.

Make sure to secure your spot before March 31, when our Early Bird pricing ends. You’ll find that given the included education, networking, parties, food and drinks, Authority Rainmaker is the best value in the business.

Grab your seat for Authority Rainmaker: May 13–15, 2015, Denver, Colorado.

Introducing Rainmaker.FM: The Digital Marketing Podcast Network

Mosaic of Rainmaker.FM Shows

Yep, we’ve launched a digital marketing podcast network. Someone was bound to do it, but you may be surprised that it’s us. Truth is, this is something I’ve personally wanted to do for a long time … and the time is right.

Copyblogger came to prominence by teaching people how to write engaging content and copy, and that won’t change. But we’d be silly to ignore the surge in podcasting. In many ways, audio makes more sense for more people than text.

Audio is the perfect format for accessing the intelligence and advice you need to succeed. It goes with you wherever you are, and you can access it whenever you need it.

And you benefit from it at times when you can’t be staring at a screen. Whether driving, working out, or on in the background as you work, audio works harder for you than text or video.

Rainmaker.FM brings you the best tips, tactics, stories and strategies that provide acceleration for your business. Each day delivers eye-opening advice on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

The network is powered by many of the subject matter experts from inside our company (and a few good friends who know their stuff). We’ve launched with ten distinct shows, each covering different aspects of digital marketing.

Check out our first batch (in alphabetical order):

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Why Copyblogger Media is Betting Big on Podcasting

Image of the Rainmaker.FM Logo

Back in 2005, I came up with the idea for Copyblogger, a site that taught people how to create text content and copy to sell products and services. Right … everyone knows that.

But did you know a competing idea was to instead start a podcast? To say that would have been the wrong move (in several ways) is a monumental understatement.

For one, I had never recorded anything other than bad tape recordings and a few .wav files. And for another, it was way to early for the medium and the technology.

But even now in 2015, why is Copyblogger Media — a company that came to prominence in part by teaching people how to write — now embracing the podcasting phenomenon this strongly? Well, in many ways, audio makes more sense for more people than text. The Internet is just now catching up.

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Scott Stratten Versus Ryan Deiss at Authority Rainmaker: Who’ll Be Left Standing?

Authority Rainmaker 2015 speakers Scott Stratten and Ryan Deiss

It’s an epic philosophical battle over how to best sell online. And we’re doing it up on stage at Authority Rainmaker, May 13-15 in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

In one corner, we’ve got customer experience advocate Scott Stratten. Scott believes that an amazing customer experience that prompts repeat purchases and evangelical word-of-mouth is the way to sell products and services and grow your business.

Scott now has more than 175,000 people following his daily rantings on Twitter, and was named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world on Forbes.com. He’s also the author of four best-selling books, including the recent UnSelling: The New Customer Experience, which was just named “Sales Book of the Year” by 1-800 CEOREAD. It’s all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you.

You’ve heard this from us, right?

In the opposite corner, we’ve got Ryan Deiss, who is also a proponent of using a media strategy to grow audiences and create trust and authority. Ryan, however, is also a massive proponent and practitioner of testing and conversion optimization.

Ryan is the co-founder Idea Incubator LP and CEO of DigitalMarketer.com. Over the last 36 months Ryan and his team have:

  • Invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests
  • Generated tens of millions of unique visitors
  • Sent well over a BILLION permission-based emails, and
  • Run approximately 3,000 split and multi-variant tests

Pretty impressive, yeah?

And right in the middle, literally and figuratively, is me. I’ll be acting as referee to make sure there’s no kicking or biting. As moderator, I’ll bring a perspective that is heavy on both customer experience and conversion optimization to see if we all can’t just get along.

You won’t want to miss this showdown, taking place just before Henry Rollins takes the stage to deliver the closing keynote. And with our Early Bird pricing still in effect until April 1, you don’t have to.

Join us in Denver for Authority Rainmaker. It’s a carefully designed educational experience that presents a complete and effective online marketing strategy. This approach provides you with exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

Get all the details and register here. See you in May!