Earn the Right to Sell

Authority Rainmaker keynote speaker Chris Brogan

My biggest belief about modern business as it intersects with the digital world can be summed up in one sentence:

Create useful content that nurtures a specific community so that you earn the right to sell and serve them to exchange value.

Boiled down tighter: content, community, marketplace.

The old saying about if the carpenter has a hammer, then everything looks like a nail is very true when it comes to me.

I’m an author and writer and someone who believes that content isn’t king, but that it’s what you feed kings.
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Why Content Marketing is Not Branding

image of branding iron

It would appear that our buzzword du jour is “content marketing.”

You might have noticed that they talk about it a lot here on Copyblogger.

(If you haven’t noticed that, you’re either new or you don’t pay attention very well.)

At a gathering in Boston recently, I threw out this one: “Content marketing is weaponized storytelling.”

It got a lot of retweets. And now, weeks later, I don’t really know if I even agree with that.

But I do believe that content marketing is a lot more like sales than it is that dubious (and yet somewhat important) word “branding.”

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