The Strategy Behind the Copyblogger Redesign

Applying web design to business goals is a serious business.

A few weeks ago — through the hard work and formidable talent of Rafal Tomal (our Lead Designer) — we launched a redesign of

There’s been a good bit of discussion around it, and a lot of good questions.

What’s changed? Why did we change it? And the big one — how is it all working out for the business?

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The Lede: 7 Writing and Marketing Links You Don’t Want to Miss

The Lede |

Do you have the most important virtue needed to make it online (or off)?

Do you know what your marketing gig may look like tomorrow? How about next year?

Also, Louis CK, Google+, and some of the best writing advice you’ll ever read — right here, right now, in The Lede.

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All right, on with it …

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7 Ways to Create an Email Marketing “Snowball Effect”

Since Ray Tomlinson sent that first email in 1971, it’s been the backbone of all social technology.

40 years later, and it’s still the most powerful (digital) communication tool on earth.

My reclusive pal Ben Settle jumps on the show today to talk email marketing.

While the seven-step “snowball effect” he lays out can be applied to almost any aspect of profitable content marketing, we bring it all back to the loyal, always-willing, unbeatable and unstoppable … email.

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The Lede: 9 Marketing Links You Need

The Lede |

Chief Content Officers.

Tin foil hat marketing.

The future of content marketing, and the CIA reading your tweets.

It was a hell of week out there, and below you’ll find just a fraction of it pertaining to this business. Due to popular demand, I’ve trimmed things down to nine links (not including a look back at this week in Copyblogger).

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OK, on with it …

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Warning: If You’re Not a Privacy Nut, You’re Losing Sales

I have a few things in common with Gene Hackman’s character in Enemy of The State.

If you want to build a loyal following and make more sales in the next ten years, so should you.

Get your tin foil hats on and pull the battery out of your cell phone, today we’re talking privacy-as-marketing.

Hey, who’s that behind you?

Also, Sonia exercises monumental self-control and allows me to live for one more week.

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Why You Hate Writing, And How to Lust After the Blank Page Again

image of blank page

The blank page is a damn nightmare.

The writers of the ages have feared it more than evil spirits, wasting disease and visiting in-laws.

Yet, if you want something to happen, you’ve got to spill the ink on that thing.

You’ve got to do it every day.

Like a detective, the writer is always digging.

And when that digging unearths ideas, the writer is desperate for a way to get them down.

The pain of facing a blank page is cured by facing what you’re not doing.

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