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Sometimes your house needs a cosmetic update.

Other times you just want one. This is one of those times.

We recently unveiled a brand spanking new design for our StudioPress WordPress theme shop, and invite you all to head on over and check it out.

If you’ve been over to StudioPress before, you’ll certainly notice the new light and bright look. This is a near top-to-bottom re-imagining of the site design and a stand-alone showcase of what’s possible with the Genesis Framework.

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How to Kill Writer’s Block and Become a Master Copywriter in Only 3 Hours a Day

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Legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz created a system of working that, before he was finished, enabled him to write nine books (including the classic Breakthrough Advertising), dozens and dozens of successful ads, and countless articles for well-known publications all over the world.

He did it all by — in his own words — writing only 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

And he did it in style.

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Is Content Marketing Worth the Work?

The reign of image/display/brand advertising (particularly for small businesses) is fading fast.

You mute the ads during your favorite tv shows, or skip them entirely.

You block banners on websites, or even skip those sites altogether.

What’s a small business — or any size business — with tight budgets and tighter margins to do?

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How to Write Nearly Undeletable Emails

You ever been out with your pals having a good time, laughing so hard that the surrounding tables end up giving you the stink-eye?

Or maybe you host a knitting club at your house. You’re a band of obsessed knitting fanatics who can’t get enough of yarn, patterns and the latest celebrity knitting gossip.

One day a guy shows up in your living room mumbling about how the Lakers were totally robbed in the recent playoff series with the Dallas Mavericks.

This person is called the unwelcome guest.

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Is the Online Gold Rush Over?

At the height of the great Gold Rush of 1896, the population in the arctic Klondike region suddenly swelled to 40,000 souls.

The promise of incredible wealth (and more than that, a legendary adventure) was too compelling to ignore.

Kind of sounds like the web 1.0 and 2.0 booms.

With little more than a great idea, a few bucks for hosting, and some hard work, a single person can change their life using the internet-as-lever.

Question is: is too late for you?

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37+ Professional WordPress Themes,
One Crazy Low Price (For a Limited Time)

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Sometimes a little madness can be a good thing for everyone.

For example, the good folks in our StudioPress division have forged a bullet-proof theme framework called Genesis for easily and securely building WordPress websites. They’re also relentlessly crafting beautiful turn-key designs for it.

Could be considered a bit … obsessive.

Now, what if all 37 of those designs (Genesis itself + 36 child themes that work with it) were bundled together and delivered to you for a rock-bottom one-time payment? Oh yeah, and let’s include all future themes, updates, and support in that bundle as well.

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