The Great Chef and The Failing Restaurant

Illustration of Primal Beef Cuts

When the Head Chef dramatically walked out in the middle of Friday night service, a Sous Chef found herself in charge of the well-known and respected Manhattan restaurant.

In the following months, though she was very competent, and was working day and night, the restaurant’s reputation began to decline.

Fearing for her position, she made drastic changes to the menu. Then, a week later, she did so again. She reconsidered her seafood supplier. She negotiated with the General Manager for updated uniforms for the entire waitstaff. She replaced the tablecloths.

Despite these efforts, more and more patrons were walking out her door, shaking their heads in disappointment.

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6 Good Links for Online Writers

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  • You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission
  • How to Write a Joke
  • How to Use an Apostrophe

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The Old Man and The Pen

A young man in his late twenties decided to become a writer.

At the beginning of the pursuit of his craft, he sought out all the writing advice he could find. He attended writing workshops, went to many parties of a literary nature, drove far into the woods seeking the wisdom of writing retreats, and read countless books on writing by countless other writers.

After several years, he began to despair. He seemed to have found the correct knowledge, and a few seemingly valuable contacts along the way, but he hadn’t yet written anything of consequence.

He felt very validated by a number of his very nice friends in his Thursday night writing circle, but he couldn’t keep down the horror in his gut that something was going terribly wrong.

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5 Content Marketing Links You Can Use

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  • Is Facebook Broken? On Purpose?
  • Social Media Marketing Explained in 61 Words
  • Do One Thing. Do it Better than Anyone Else.

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The Most Beautiful Boat in Town

Original Illustration by Tony D. Clark

A young fool had spent seven years building a beautiful small boat by hand.

An entire year was taken sketching out the design, throwing away hundreds of ideas until he hit upon the flawless one.

He’d traveled hundreds of miles to find and fell the perfect cedar tree. He milled the strips himself. He’d planed and sanded for months.

Neighbors started coming to his home and sitting for hours, watching him labor. They were all amazed by his skill, focus, and passion.

Local blogs picked up the story and ran profiles about the young fool, and his ambitious project.

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The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I’ve Found

The Best Damn Copywriting Advice I've Found

Copywriting is not writing, copywriting is assembling.

Great copywriters collect the varied parts of their research and assemble those parts into a true story that resonates with the particular worldview of an audience. Then that story is tested, tweaked, and deployed again. A story that enters the conversation an audience is already having, can be a story that wins.

The assembly of these parts is key.

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