Putting the Social Back into Social Media:
40 Ways to Build a Loyal Audience

image of number 40 on old car

Is your blog a lonely place?

Maybe no one is visiting. Or, if they visit, maybe they don’t comment.

Maybe they don’t share your post on social networking sites. Or they don’t subscribe to your email list.

Or maybe you’ve got the big problem — you can’t convert the traffic you do get into buying customers.

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12 Ways to Turn Your Old, Dusty Blog Archive into Cold, Hard Cash

image of old database archive

Have you ever looked back through your old blog posts and thought, “Why did I give away all of this brilliant writing for free?”

Well, here’s some good news: Unless your blog topic is last night’s baseball scores or this week’s hurricane, there’s income potential in those old posts yet.

Loads of it.

If your posts have evergreen, highly useful information, they can be turned into paid products.

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5 Ways to Write High-Quality Content – Fast

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Every blogger wants to write supremely useful and insightful content.

The question is — how do I pull that off consistently without my blog eating up every waking hour of my day?

And if you write for other sites in addition to writing for yourself, there’s even more pressure to keep the quality up. Whether you’re getting paid in cash or traffic, you can bet your host blogs are counting on you for great posts — every time.

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40 Questions You Need to Ask Every Copywriting Client

image of a sign asking various questions

You’ve connected with a prospective client and you’re at your first meeting!

It’s an exciting time in the life of any freelance marketer or copywriter.

Unfortunately, this is also the moment when the seeds of disaster are often sown.

Instead of having a detailed discussion about the project at this initial meet, hungry copywriters often slump into desperation mode. At the first mention of a payment of any size at all, you’re sticking out your sweaty hand ready to shake on any deal you can get.

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5 Steps to Captivating Readers with Your Secret Message

image of a young boy pretending to be a secret agent

Every time you publish a blog post or send a message to your email marketing list, your readers learn from you.

But they may be learning something entirely different from what you think.

Your headline might say “10 Tips for Amazing Azaleas” or “How to Change a Tire in 7 Minutes.” And your readers will get some information on that topic from your post.

But readers get more than they bargained for every time they read your content — they’re unconsciously getting an underlying secret message in addition to the more obvious how-to tips.

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The Secret Weapon that
Makes Your Content Successful

image of ray gun

Every time you sit down to write, do you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

Do you worry that what you’re about to write won’t be as awesome as the posts you read on popular, established blogs?

It’s a fear many writers know well: the fear that you just won’t be good enough to size up to your favorite writers.

It can be inspiring to want to write as well as your favorites. But it can also be a huge stumbling block waiting to trip you up.

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