Winning Copy Appeals to Basic Instincts

Sharon Stone in Basic InstinctHow do you get somebody to do what you want them to?

You can just ask of course. That will work with some people. A more successful approach though is to appeal to their human nature. Show what’s in it for them.

We are simple creatures really. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame calls us “moist robots”. As accurate a description as any!

Press the right buttons and you get a predictable, automatic reaction.

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Writing Copy Even Grandma Will Love

Grandma is frustrated

It just happened again.

I’m reading, but I’m not getting it. Maybe if I continue to read, all will become clear.


I feel dumb.

Obviously, there is something I’m missing. It’s my fault. I’ll read it again.

Nope, still not getting it.

The pictures look great, nice web design. Looks like a trustworthy company.

Keep your money, Chris. Maybe somebody can explain it to me later (if I remember).

Sorry friend, you’ve just lost the sale.

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Why You Need To Hit Your Prospects Where It Hurts Right Now

The other night an entrepreneurial friend was drunkenly extolling the virtues of his latest scheme. A kind of mini-survival kit with several unique twists. This product would potentially help hundreds of stranded drivers every year. His problem was while most people saw the sense of it, nobody was interested in developing it with him. He couldn’t get his business idea off the ground.

We all know that feeling. Lots of nods and general agreement but no action.

Your reader really should read your advice but many won’t. Some products fail even though millions of people need them right now. There are services that are essential and executed brilliantly but nobody signs up.

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Why Your Best Headline Could be
Too Powerful

As a geek I am a compulsive tester. I discovered how copywriting techniques really work from testing. One result that shocked me was that we can make our headlines too good. At times we write headlines that are so powerful they are ineffective.

How can this be? There is one simple concept here that can either work in your favor or devastate the results of your headline.

  • Pay zero tax in 2007!
  • Turn a Loss-Making Campaign Into a Million Dollar Profit Machine in Ten Minutes
  • Lose 10lbs Just By Playing Computer Games

What do you think when you read headlines such as these?

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