Are You a Copywriting Hotshot? Test Your Skills in an Email Marketing Duel

The deadline for this contest has closed, but stay tuned for a post in early January announcing the winners of the split test!

Picture this. Sonia Simone and me in an advertising agency conference room.

She pitches her headline to the account executive.

I pitch mine …

… and promptly get blown out of the water. It doesn’t matter which headline is better. Sonia is a legend. So the account executive goes with the better copywriter, not the better headline, 10 times out of 10.

So let’s try scenario B …

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Copywriting Contest: Write the
Best-Performing Subject Line and Win

image of selectric type ball

Editorial note: Our friends over at Marketing Sherpa had the cool idea of running an email subject line contest, and we couldn’t resist joining in.

The contest is now closed for new entries — thanks to everyone who participated! Read the post and comments and see if you can pick the winner — then find out who won here.

Subject lines are by far the easiest element of your email marketing to test.

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