Why Nobody Cares About Your Content (and What to Do About It)

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A few weeks ago I decided to open up my coaching services for one day only.

The results of this 24-hour period were gut-wrenching … for my clients.

In this round of consulting I noticed a lot of my clients were — like so many online — focusing their content on precisely the wrong thing.

They wanted to make money by helping people — but in the harsh light of day, their websites painted a very different story.

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How to Become an A-List Blogger

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If I asked you to define what an A-list blogger actually is, what would you say?

I’m sure the usual thoughts like “thousands of subscribers,” “lots of comments,” and “large influence” come to mind.

While these may be things that many of us agree on, they aren’t really about the blogger, they’re about the blog.

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How One Smart Move Can
Attract Constant Attention


What’s the one stat that most bloggers care about the most? Is it page views, visitor location, referring sites or subscribers? I know for me and most other bloggers out there, getting more subscribers is a priority that is pretty high up on the list.

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