Why Quitting May be the Most Profitable Thing You Do This Year

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“I’m not hungry,” I told my grandmother one night at the dinner table.

My stomach was in a knot. Food lost its taste a long time ago, but this was the first time in my 28 years that I’d turned down my grandmother’s meatballs. For an Italian grandson, this kind of behavior can get you condemned.

I had a blank, vacant stare, but my mind was racing a mile a minute. I was obsessed with my business.

More specifically, I was obsessed with finding new customers.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Landing Page Copy that Sticks

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Have you ever wondered if your landing page is … missing something?

You look at the conversion stats on your latest landing page and sigh in disgust.

Yeah, some people are subscribing or buying, but you know you should be seeing better results.

Say you’ve thoughtfully used one of the classic “How to” or “List” headline templates because you know that they work.

Everyone you speak to about it absolutely loves your offer.

And yet, the performance of your landing page can be described as mediocre at best. What do you do?

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20 Mistakes that Will Undermine Your Call to Action and Cost You Sales

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Okay, show of hands.

Who else is wondering how to turn website traffic into actual sales?

You’ve seen the statistics showing businesses that build content marketing plans experience a boatload more leads than businesses that don’t. You’ve bought into it. You believe it works.

But, for some reason, it’s not working for you.

Looking through your stats, you realize your site isn’t capturing the leads you’ve been promised.

What gives?

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