Make It Rain: LinkedIn and the “Media not Marketing” Model

Jason Miller Authority Intensive

Congratulations to Copyblogger’s Brian Clark and Robert Bruce on the New Rainmaker podcast.

Episode 1 was so compelling that I almost walked into oncoming traffic on my walk to work the other day.

Episode 2 made me even more of a believer, though perhaps even less safe.

In anticipation of the forthcoming Rainmaker Platform, Brian asked me to write this article to offer some ideas about promoting it on LinkedIn. While certainly savvy, today’s “Sophisticated Marketers” still have a thing or two to learn about using LinkedIn.

Namely, how to take full advantage of its brand new functionality.

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Stop Hating on Marketing Automation, Try a Little Tenderness Instead

Image of Vintage Dials and Gauges

There’s a preconceived notion among some in the B2B world that marketing automation is a bad idea, one that’s right up there with pop-under ads.

This misconception likely comes from the early days of social media marketing, when desperate, unscrupulous companies used automated third-party services to blast what truly amounted to spam across their social channels 24/7.

While that sort of automation is terrible, maybe even downright unforgivable, the last thing you want to do is discount automation altogether. Don’t be a hater, there’s so much about automation for a marketer to love.

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Where Marketing is Going … in 2013 and Beyond

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2013 is already shaping up to be an epic year for marketers and writers. It’s the year that content, social, search, and email are coming together, working in sync for the greater good of marketing-kind.

It’s also the year that wise marketing departments will use analytics and automation to scale their efforts and make better decisions.

It’s the year that content tipped from being an interesting option to being a must-have.

And paired with that, it’s The Year of the Online Writer — in other words, the year that content creators begin to be valued as the creators of valuable assets, rather than an expense on the balance sheet.

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