Why You Need to Become a Rainmaker Before It’s Too Late

The portfolio life approach to your career

In his 1989 book, The Age of Unreason, Irish author Charles Handy made a startling prediction about the future of organizations.

He argued that businesses would soon be smaller and the workforce would be comprised of “portfolio people.”

And what is a portfolio person?

Handy describes a portfolio as a multifaceted career, comprised of different types of work that include fee work, salary work, and gift work. And soon, this is how we will all describe what we do — not as a job, but as a portfolio.
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What Good Memoir Can Teach You About Good Copywriting

Image of selectric typewriter ball

What does David Sedaris know about writing that most of us don’t?

What can Anne Lamott do that your traditional copywriter can’t?

How about entertain and engage an audience, then lead them to action? How about telling stories that captivate and convert readers into advocates?

Wait a second …

Are we talking about memoir writing — or copywriting?


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How Amazon Grew My Audience By More
Than 24,000 Readers in Three Days

image of amazon kindle logo

It’s every writer’s dream. Every entrepreneur’s struggle. Every marketer’s goal.

The promise of more. More readers, more revenue, and more exposure.

What if I told you there was a way that you could find all three — but that it required you give something truly valuable away? Would you listen to me?

If you’re a Copyblogger reader, you understand the power of smart marketing that benefits your audience. In fact, you’re probably doing this in some form already: a free eBook, or a valuable email autoresponder series for new subscribers to your content.

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The Simple Reason You’re Not a Writer (Yet)

image of classic typewriter

I’ve been writing my whole life.

For years, I penned stories in notebooks, even wrote and published articles in magazines. Still, I never considered myself a writer.

I used words like “wannabe” and “aspiring.” I told myself I’d write a book and be a real writer … some day.

But then, I had a breakthrough.

It was a simple shift of mind that changed everything, and it’s what you need to do — if people are going to take your work seriously.

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What Zappos Can Teach You About Becoming Irresistible to Customers

image of zappos logo

What can a well-run shoe store teach you about your own online business?

Well, everything.

If you’ve ever bought anything from the mega online shoe store Zappos, or if you’ve so much as heard them mentioned, the word that comes to mind is probably service.

But there’s more to the Zappo’s secret sauce than free shipping and some nice people on the phone.

They embody three important lessons that any blogger, online marketer, or small business owner can learn … and start finding customers that don’t just like you, they love you.

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Why Bad Writers are Eating Your Lunch and What To Do About It

image of yin and yang

Why do some bloggers succeed while others fail?

Why do mediocre writers sometimes beat out the really gifted ones?

Why does talent ultimately not win?

You see it all the time, certain authors get published while others wait years without any luck.

Superior businesses struggle, while sub-par ventures take off.

These days, it’s not enough to be a good writer. In fact, it never was. You need more.

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